Wounded Dog’s Owner Cited After Fireworks Equipment Found Attached To Canine

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CENTERTON (KFSM) – The owner of the dog found wounded last week with fireworks equipment attached to her has been cited by police on suspicion of failure to seek medical attention, police said Thursday.

The dog named Tinkerbelle will remain at the Centerton Animal Hospital until the court proceedings end, according to the Centerton Police Department.

Tinkerbelle was brought to the animal hospital July 8 with major wounds on her body, prompting a search for her owner. The dog was found with empty tubes used to discharge fireworks dragging behind her by a piece of duct tape, according to a letter released Thursday by Centerton Police Chief Lance Johnson.

Employees at the animal hospital named her “Moxy” before finding out her real name is “Tinkerbelle”. The owner was found late last week, but Tinkerbelle remained at the hospital to receive more medical treatment. Officials were unsure at the time whose custody they would release the dog into because of the pending investigation.

The police chief’s letter does not state whether or not Tinkerbelle’s wounds were caused by fireworks. The owner told police the injuries occurred over time from the dog repeatedly digging along and crawling under a wooden privacy fence. The owner said after examining photographs that Tinkerbelle did not appear to have any new external injuries since escaping the backyard, police said.

The dog also suffered internal injuries, with the letter stating, “The canine’s emaciated state was due to being diabetic and an infestation of intestinal parasites that should have been treated by a veterinarian.”

Animal control officers said a neighbor found the 13-year-old rat terrier with open wounds and no collar in the Appleridge neighborhood in Centerton. The neighbor said she went inside to call authorities and the dog wandered next door. Her next door neighbor called officials to come pick up the badly injured dog, authorities said.

The dog’s veterinarian said she did not have any broken bones, but was having trouble walking.

The Centerton Animal Shelter conducted a fundraiser last week to help the dog. By the end of the week, 145 people had donated a total of $4,110 toward care for the dog, according to the GoFundMe.com web page for Tinkerbelle.


  • Sarah 300

    The people in Arkansas are so generous. Thank you to everyone who helped this dog.
    I hope whomever perpetrated this heinous act against Tinkerbelle be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows.

  • Matt

    I don’t believe that tinkerbelles injuries would of been from crawling under a fence, come on! They said the dog was found with open cuts and fireworks tubes were dragging behind her. That is animal cruelty! I hope they prosecute the owner and whoever else is respondsible for this. Whoever would do something like this is a pathetic coward and I hope karma comes around for them.

  • Tom

    This dog is getting more press than any of Obama’s scandals. Twenty-three Americans murdered today while Obama goes fundraising; thousands of foreign invaders pouring in over the border while Obama goes fundraising, four Americans killed in Benghazi while Obama fundraises, etc., etc., etc.. And KFSM reports on a dog.

    • Ted

      Your lunatic fringe brings Obama into every single story that 5News posts regardless of what it’s about, so why are you complaining? Can’t you just go back to Fox News, or The Blaze, or whatever program gives you your marching orders and leave the rest of us alone?

  • Richard S. Drake

    I’m not sure that “Tom” is aware of it, but KFSM is supposed to be a LOCAL news program – though sadly they also veer off into national coverage. If he wants to watch national news, there are so many choices open to him, plus many newspapers and magazines, plus National Public Radio.
    And offhand, I suspect that only the most paranoid among us would think of children as “invaders.”

  • Ann

    I’m not really buying the fence story. Those injuries look much worse than a dog digging under a fence.

  • Barbara Mayes

    hope the judge doesn’t buy that crap. those are old burns. please don’t give the dog back to the same person, she isn’t being taken care of and loved at all.

  • Pavel Ryevnikow

    It’s sad, but ultimately it’s a frickin’ dog. Stories like this make it all the easier to forget greater atrocities going on,

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