Arkansas Minimum Wage Increase Ballot Initiative Falls Short Of Signature Goal

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) – A ballot initiative to increase the Arkansas minimum wage did not meet the required number of signatures to get on the November ballot, according to the Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin’s office.

The signatures were originally submitted on July 7, and a total of 62,507 valid signatures were needed to get the ballot initiative approved, according to Little Rock attorney David Couch.

The group behind the initiative, Give Arkansas A Raise Now, aims to raise the Arkansas minimum wage to $8.50 an hour by 2017, according to their website.

The group now has 30 more days to close the gap and get the remaining signatures, or they will not appear on the November ballot, according to Secretary of State Mark Martin.


  • Jay

    Funny how Walmart isn’t investing millions for that initiative. Let’s just keep promoting big business while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  • Jay

    With that kind of pay you’d have to work one hour for two gallons of gas, and with vehicles that most of us drive in the south that’s about 30 miles.

  • Get Real

    Don’t blame anyone but yourself if you are “poor” and stay that way. The poor stay poor because they keep doing what keeps them poor. The rich do the same. To not be poor in America, all you need to do is stay in school, obey the law, don’t become pregnant, or get someone else pregnant, and get a job and keep the job, until you advance, or find employment more to your liking. Minimum wage was never intended to be a living wage, it was a place to start. If your skills and education keep you at minimum wage, look to yourself, not government, to improve your situation. Personal responsibility is a scary thought for liberals, welfare handouts and legislative mandates are so much easier to deal with.

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