Collision With Two Semi Trucks Closes Highway 62 For Hours Saturday

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EUREKA SPRINGS (KFSM) – Arkansas State Police said two semi trucks got stuck on Highway 62 West of Eureka Springs today.

The incident happened around 1 p.m.

Troopers said a Marten tractor pulling a Walmart trailer crossed the center line and collided with a feed truck.  The roads were reported to be closed for two hours.

Authorities say there were no injuries.


  • Edward

    Wal Mart is pushing the drivers over the edge. Pay cuts, letting/forcing them drive for 20 hours straight, making them turn the trucks off and getting hot/cold while sleeping to save fuel, no heat/ac.
    Time for drivers to unionize before next innocent motorist are killed.

  • Bryan Gideon

    If you all are paying attention to this picture… this is a Marten Transport truck owned by Marten transport pulling a WalMart trailer. Get your facts straight. Marten Transport driver was at fault NOT WalMart… pull your heads out ta your butt for a second. I am a truck driver so I know a few things here…

    • ray

      yes u are right i did not see the picture!!!!! i did not appreciate the other guy writing about walmrt drivers driving 20 hours and being cold at night i also am a otr driver and we both know even a marten driver doesnt drive 20 hours because of electronic logs

    • ray

      once again butt wipe that incadent was recorded on electronic log the driver WAS not driving 24 hours the only reason that accadent got coverage was because the person was famous !!!!! what about the officer that was killed by a driver the other day y dont u comment on that

  • Bryan Gideon

    Edward Walmart driver was legal. The only thing that he did wrong that caused negligence was speed.

  • Bryan Gideon

    Mr Roper was in his 13th hour of on duty time when wreck occurred. There is no way he was illegal as far as Hours of Service goes. As strange as this sounds there is no law saying how much a drivermust sleep. The reason why is because it ccannot be regulated is there is no absolute way to measure sleep. That is why it is called a rest break not sleep break.

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