Ex-Husband Remembers Pregnant Woman Killed In Fort Smith

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) ~ A Fort Smith man is behind bars after police say he knifed his pregnant girlfriend to death in her home last weekend.


The woman was later identified as 22-year-old Brianna Butler. Her 21-year-old boyfriend Douglas True turned himself in to police.


“What happened to her, she definitely didn't deserve," said Joshua Butler, Brianna Butler’s ex-husband. "There's nothing bad about her. She was very caring."


Joshua Butler’s daughter was at the home when her mother was killed by True.


He hopes she won’t remember this tragic event, because she’s only two-years-old.


"Children at that age should never be exposed to an environment like that," Butler said.


Although Joshua and Brianna were divorced, Joshua says he has put their differences behind him.


"I felt for the family, her family,” Butler said. "It's not us against [her family]. This has happened, we are on the same team still, and we always will be.”


Butler had suspicions about Brianna’s relationship with True. He tells 5NEWS this weekend’s events have made those suspicions stronger.


"The ultimate outcome yesterday kind of proved those suspicions to be true," Butler said.


Butler says his daughter is no longer in the hospital.


"She's doing fine. She was released, and she's doing well," Butler said.


Butler says he will raise his daughter constantly reminding her of who her mother was by telling her about her mother’s qualities.


"She was a Christ like follower, for one. She was always involved in her church," Butler said.


As for Joshua Butler, although True murdered his wife, he says there’s only one thing he can say to him if he is convicted of the murder.


"I would definitely forgive him," Butler said.


  • HL

    It may be none of my business. But, he sure seems quick to just forgive the guy that just killed the mother of his child. I didn’t know this poor girl, and I don’t forgive him. I hope the maggot pays for what he done, with his useless life.

  • 3381

    Im so sorry for your loss. I knew her. I lost my brother tragically and words cannot take away any of the pain. I am praying. For Bonnie and for the whole family.

  • rip briana

    Josh is a fuckin liar… thos angers me more… he was not nice to Briana. Give Bonnie❤ back to her family Josh if you care bout Bonnie. She’s with strangers now smh…. And how do you easily forgive him? ?? Cuz i know i dont!!!!!!!

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