Fort Smith Boy Dies At North Texas Water Park

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - A seven-year-old boy from Fort Smith fell ill at a water park in North Richland Hills, Texas and died, according to a news release from the city.

A representative from the city said Ayden Best walked out of a pool at the NRH20 Family Water Park on Monday (July 21) and didn’t look well. His mother said he then became unresponsive and called for medical assistance.

The boy was transferred to North Hills Hospital by ambulance, where emergency responders were not able to revive him.

The release states the boy had a pre-existing medical condition.

Stay with 5NEWS for more on this developing story.


  • makegooddecisions

    Come on Channel 5! I gave you more credit than to put an attention geting headline like that. I thought the poor child had been injured at the water park. Prayers to the little guys family during this difficult time.

  • DL

    Yes makegooddecisions, they leave your mind guessing what could have happened until the last useful sentence, like it’s barely worth mentioning. Oh yeah, and he has medical issues.

  • Scott

    I knew Ayden. he was a sweet kid. Always very enthusiastic. Prayers for him and his family. He will be missed by everyone at school. He was a very good kid.

  • makegooddecisions

    Scott, may i ask if you know where he lives or used to live? We used to have a child named Ayden ride our church van. Do you know if he ever lived in Barling? If you are afraid to answer online, I understand.

  • Van Buren

    Really 5News? I can’t believe that you have even aired this story. Your reporting of a family’s personal tragedy such as this is not good journalism. This does not need to be plastered all over the news!!! People, especially children, die every day because of this same type of illness. Let the family grieve in private. I bet all of Ayden’s family had not even been notified before you sent out your alert notification this morning.

  • Gabe

    Come on 5news you can do a better job than this……blah blah blah, oh by the way he had a pre-existing medical condition. On top of that, how is this even news. This is personal tragedy to a family why report it? Geesh. SMH

  • Hayden

    Good grief, get off of KFSM’s case already. They cannot seem to make everyone happy (“Danged if they do. Danged if they do not.”). The story did not state if the young man passed due to his medical condition, just that he had one. I’m ashamed at all of you for your agendas on this story…. and myself for addressing you.

    Let’s focus on the story at hand: a tragedy for a family, loved ones, and friends. Prayers go out to all. God Bless!

    • Gabe

      Why is the tragic loss of a family’s soon a news story to begin with. Lots of people die everyday and its not news, why is this one any different. Let the family mourn in privacy without all the “news hype”. Surely there is something more important to report on.

  • Watcher

    What a bunch of hateful comments. Did you ever think maybe a family member or close friend could have some relationship with Channel 5. I’m also sure that the family gofundme account has raised money from this story to bury this little boy. SMH!

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