Cities Announce Storm Debris Cleanup Dates

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) – The cities of Bentonville and Fort Smith have announced that they will conduct a city wide clean-up of debris from the storm that took place on July 23, according to a news release.

The date for the cleanup in Bentonville has been set as Tuesday (July 29) at 7 a.m., the release states.

This will give residents time to place all their gathered debris outside near the curb so that city crews can collect it, according to the release.

City crews will collect vegetative debris, such as limbs, sticks and leaves, under the following conditions:

  • All debris must be ready for collection by 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday (July 29).
  • Debris must be placed within four to 10 feet from back of curb or edge of pavement.  Please keep debris out of drainage ditches and roadways.
  • Tree limbs, shrubs, tree trunks etc. shall not exceed six feet in length or two feet in diameter. Stumps will not be collected.

Crews will not remove:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Fluids
  • Tires
  • Any other non-vegetative material

As a precaution, residents are asked to keep storm debris out of drainage ditches and away from fire hydrants, telephone pedestals, water meters, gas meters and mailboxes, according to the release.

Collection will begin at 7 a.m., and crews will work until all streets have been traveled once. Routes will not be repeated to pick up debris that is put out later, the release states.

Property owners may also take material to the Bentonville compost facility at 2000 NW A St., during their normal operating hours, according to the release.

The Fort Smith cleanup is scheduled through Aug. 9 and will focus mainly on tree debris. The debris will need to be placed at the curb away from cars, mailboxes and utilities, a news release states.

Bundling requirements for yard waste are being relaxed throughout the city until Aug. 9. To request collection, residents should call 479-784-2350, according to a news release.

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