BLOG: 12 Common Email Mistakes

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How many emails have you read or sent today? Most businesses and professionals spend a large amount of their day combing through and composing electronic messages to business professionals and coworkers. Are you making critical mistakes in doing so? Business Insider composed the 12 Most Common Email Mistakes Professionals Make:

  1. Forgetting to use a greeting or closing
  2. Being too formal
  3. Becoming too informal too quickly
  4. Saying to “whom it may concern”
  5. Forgetting to change the subject line
  6. Hitting “reply all”
  7. Not paying attention to detail
  8. Including too many personal details
  9. Not monitoring your tone
  10. Asking questions which have already been answered
  11. Saying something over email which should be done face-to-face
  12. Using emojis or abbreviations

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