Girl On Bike Hospitalized In Fayetteville Hit-And-Run

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – A 15-year-old girl was hospitalized Thursday afternoon following a hit-and-run collision in Fayetteville, according to emergency responders.

Police and medical crews responded around 3 p.m. to College Avenue and 11th Street, where police said a girl might have been “clipped” by a car’s mirror while riding her bike. The vehicle sped off after the collision, according to the Fayetteville Police Department.

The girl was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries, including scrapes and abrasions, according to emergency crews and police.

Police said the vehicle that sped off is a dark blue sport utility vehicle.


    • Ted

      The same could be said in cars vs. motorcycles, or cars vs. semi-trucks, or wherever a size disparity exists. Even with size and speed parity (car vs. car) accidents involving the loss of property and life are a daily occurrence. Heck, hardly a day goes by where 5News doesn’t have a story of a single vehicle accident that happened for no good reason.

      These problems exist because a sizable percentage of the driving public (probably around 20%) should not be on the road at all. They either lack the skill, physical or mental abilities, or are just too plain stupid to be trusted with a 2 ton vehicle moving 70mph. Entire industries exist because of their mistakes and our hospitals are filled with their debris. We all pay for their actions with longer driving times and higher insurance premiums.

      I just finished a 30 mile bike ride where there was a suitable sidewalk for maybe 1/2 mile of the route. Instead of telling me to stay on the sidewalk, you keep it in the garage and go read up on Arkansas laws regarding bicycles. I’ll give you the gist of it: even with a license, tag, and registration driving is a privilege and not a right. With the exception of interstates and toll roads, a person on a bicycle has more of a legal right to use a road than anyone driving a car.

      • Johnny Trawickell

        Speaking of stupid, there is nothing more pleasant then being in the line of traffic behind a bicycle on these hilly, curvy country roads while trying to get to work in the morning. It is amusing to watch people trying to get to work waiting for an opportunity to pass the cycle without killing themselves or someone else while the cyclist pedals happily along at 5 miles an hour uphill. Yet, cyclist wonder why motorist get a little testy sometimes. I am sure it never enters the mind of these happy little cyclist to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY AND LET PEOPLE GET TO WORK. Oh, i’m sorry, I forget sometimes that recreational cyclist have more rights than people trying to get to their work while using roadways DESIGNED for automobiles. My bad.

  • Arkajun

    Seem like the hit n run occurences have increased in this area of the last serveral years, especially Fayetteville – Springdale. Don’t know if it’s not knowing how to drive? Or the “I do what I want, FU” culture that we are now forced to deal with everyday.

  • Ted

    Sorry about your experience Johnny, but you should be thankful you weren’t behind me. My uphill speed is closer to 3mph :)

  • Stephanie Barnes

    I was the girl hit by the car,i am fine,this was no accident the person was speeding in the first place with no tags.they were two white male

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