National Weather Service Surveys Ozark Storm Damage

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OZARK (KFSM) - A team of meteorologist from the National Weather Service was in Franklin County Thursday (July 24) surveying storm damage.

Meteorologist Steve Piltz said the team found some indications of broad rotation in an area west of Ozark, but had not determined if it was tornado related.  He said the damage could just be part of the same wind system that caused damage across the River Valley and Northwest Arkansas Wednesday (July 23).

Taylor McIlroy lives on the property that was damaged near Ozark on Highway 64. He was driving down his driveway when the storm hit. He said sticks were flying in the air and debris was hitting his truck. “As I looked back, I could see kind of a tunnel come down, seemed like it bounced off the top of the tree and bounced over there, then came back across and rose back up.”

McIlroy said the storm left several power lines dangling and downed trees. He spent the day cleaning up debris.

A large tree also fell on a barn and damaged a fence.

No one was injured.