Ninety Feet Of Porch On Highfill Home Demolished By Wednesday’s Storm

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HIGHFILL (KFSM) - Over 90 feet of a porch that had been standing for 32 years was flipped upside down and thrown against the side of Sharon and Dwight Phillips' home.

"Mother nature can't build anything but she can sure tear things up," Dwight said.

The couple was out running errands when Wednesday's storm hit. They said they had talked to neighbors and had seen tree limbs and shrubs blown around, but they had no idea they had damage to their own property. A man working on construction on the property saw the damage and called the Phillips.

"The wind caught this and just picked it up and slammed it up against the front of the house," Dwight said," And then the side that was over there came down and part of it was resting on our barbecue."

They said while all three sides of their porch was thrown back against the house, not one window on the home was broken.

"We can see through one bedroom window where we pulled the porch off," Sharon said, "And on the other side we can see through the door, but other than that we see shingles, that's all we see."

She said she was shocked to see the $15,000 in damage done to her porch. The couple said they do not have homeowner's insurance.

"It was surprising that no stronger than the wind was supposed to be, that it did that much damage…our electricity didn't go off at all," Sharon said.

The couple agreed that they were fortunate that they weren't home at the time, or that no one was injured. They said they did miss looking out of their front windows Thursday morning.

"It didn't do any damage except for that, so I think we are kind of fortunate that it turned out like it did…the humming birds and the deer missed us this morning," She said.

As of Thursday evening, the Phillips had hooked the debris up to a tractor and torn the remaining roofing material off of their home. They said they were planning on making all of the repairs themselves. They estimate the repairs to cost around $15,000.