Russian Made Guns And Ammo In High Demand

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM ) - In an effort to limit Russian support of rebel forces in Ukraine, the U.S. Government has blacklisted multiple companies in Russia.


The move has caused many gun owners to stock up on Russian made brands.


"Well when you tell somebody they can't have something they've had forever, it's going to create some animosity" said Tim Weigel, clerk at Ozark Armory in Springdale.


With the U.S. Government blacklisting eight Russian gun manufacturers, fire arm enthusiasts throughout the U.S. have been on a shopping frenzy.


"Really haven't seen a spike in sales on any Russian based guns. Ammo, there has been a spike in sales,” Weigel said.


Gun owners have been stalking up on guns and ammo in fear that their Russian-made guns and ammo will soon be out of stock in the country.


"It's all political, it's all smoking mirrors," said Joshua Tolson, a gun owner.


Some gun owners say this is just a political move infringing on their rights.


"I think it's just another tool the governments using to, little by little, take away our rights,” Tolson said.


"I think they're trying to take it out of our hands," said Charles Martin, a Russian-made AK-47 gun owner.


Some gun owners tell 5NEWS that the actions of other countries shouldn’t impact what they can buy.


"When the government gets involved in commerce, it's never a good idea,” Tolson said.


And, some say it’s limiting their choices within gun rights.


"I believe that's what America is all about, it's the freedom of choice,” Tolson said.


Meanwhile, some at the Ozark Armory say American products can do just as much as Russian products.


"There's a lot of other stuff that's made here in America that's just as good quality."


  • judy

    joshua: smoking “mirrors” ? whatcha smoking? geez, hope it’s not too strong, at least when you’re behind that AK47 :-)

  • Maynard

    And it wasn’t the government. It was our dictator Obama who used the crisis in Ukraine as an excuse to ban whatever he can.

    • judy

      hey you’re right!!! betcha an upcoming presidental team of rick perry/ sarah palin would fix it all! from “smoking mirrors” to easy access to them “fern” weapons…… after all, we gotta “stand yer ground” by god, & let the mass shootings & gun control take care of itself…. how dare any individual, no matter how messed up, be restricted by the govt. from access to those weapons!

  • Maynard

    None of those rifles are even made in Russia. They’re made in Bulgaria, Romania, & Yugoslavia/Serbia. It’s written on the side of the receiver for goodness sake.

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