State Lawmaker Urges Support For Ethics Measure

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – In this segment from “5NEWS This Morning” on July 26, Sen. Jon Woods, R-Springdale, speaks to 5NEWS Managing Editor Larry Henry. Woods said he supports Issue #3 on the November ballot, pointing out that it would prohibit gifts to lawmakers and implement other good-government reforms. Last week, Bob Porto of Arkansas Term Limits appeared on the program, speaking in opposition to the ballot measure, noting that it extends the amount of time legislators can serve in office.


  • Larry

    We can pass all the ethics measures we want, but it is hopeless to try to fight the evil in the hearts of men. They always find a way to bypass the law. It’s like a dog chasing its tail. I don’t have an answer other than a heart transplant.

  • ugotthatrite

    i just read issue #3 and mr porto is absolutely right. typical of a republican senator defending it by pointing out the benefits of the measure, prohibiting the accepting of gifts and placing a 2year ban prohibiting politicians from becoming lobbyists. lol, it was because of term limits that we became a red state after centuries as a blue. so now their mentality is to deceive voters, amend the law and keep majority?
    as i see it…politicians are smart(or think they are), while the average voter? not so much. why not just do the right thing and ban gifts along with the other measures without all the trickery?
    what’s it going to take to wake up the gov’t? a military coup? we’ve already lost our freedom as is, if things got worse at least we know, that future? would eventually be bright!
    jus say’n

  • Get Real

    It seems ugotthatrite has got it wrong. Term limits are needed because politicians ARE smarter than the average voter. It appears many voters actually believe what political ads say, and are too lazy, or too apathetic, to research how a politician votes, accepts perks, and other corrupt practices. Believe what they do, not what they say. Most politicians are arrogant, self-serving, and mostly concerned with staying in office to enrich themselves. Arkansas is a red state because democrats are being revealed for the tax and spend, life-controlling, all knowing and all compassionate “royalty” who must run our lives and spend our money because the average citizen is too stupid to do it for themselves. To borrow a quote from Mark Twain “baby diapers and politicians need to be changed frequently, for the same reason”. Words of wisdom. Increasing term limits allows the infection of cronyism and corruption to become more entrenched. We need term limits at the federal level desperately. I don’t believe the Founding Fathers ever intended for Senators and Representatives to be lifetime positions.

    • ugotthatrite

      i’d like to see the blame game end, myself. with today’s technology, much like the public school system, i believe politicians have become obsolete. keep senators and the executive branch,yes.. but let the voter weigh on each topic and vote electronically. make voting fraud a stripped citizenship and deporting serve as a deterrent. and the schools? parents should hold that responsibility, children should learn in their homes via the internet. or send them to private schools.
      just these 2 measures alone would save billions and future billions of dollars. and btw, why is each city taxing almost 10 cents on a dollar? why are necessity items allowed to be taxed and companies allowed to profiteer from them?
      the system has become corrupt and needs an intervention, imo

  • Arnold Fudpucker

    Let’s see if any of these political pukes have the respectability to remove the term limits portion of this deceiving issue and run it that way? My bet is not one of them will try. More proof of why we need term limits. Now we need to get them at the federal level.

  • Hondo

    My question is when we have a State Auditor Office for three years approving expense reports for some individuals, and then we are told individuals did wrong. We have people calling for people’s resignations, and yet the Governor did not call for any resignations, or investigations into the State Auditor office on how these items are approved? I am thinking there is a wider problem than we know. Why didn’t the media ask why this office was not looked into? It sounds like it is ok, unless it gets closer to election time, and people want to run for office again. Politics is a dirty game for some.

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