Search Continues For Missing Father And Infant In Ouachita Mountains

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YELL COUNTY (KFSM) - Authorities on Tuesday (July 29) continued searching a mountainous area in Yell County for a missing father and his 10-month-old son.

Brian A. Floyd, 33, went missing along with 10-month-old Harper on July 25, officials said. The father's 1998 Chevy King Cab pickup truck later was found in a "remote area," according to authorities. The father and son were not in the truck.

After the father and son's disappearance, authorities launched a search and rescue effort, saying they did not think foul play was involved.

However, Brian's wife and Harper's mother, Brooke Floyd, 21, of Greenwood was arrested on suspicion of felony endangering and hindering apprehension, according to an inmate commitment summary report. When arrested, she had cuts and scratches on her body, authorities said.

Brooke Floyd

She later was released and is not considered a criminal suspect, authorities said.

The father and son were last seen after Brian Floyd's truck broke down in the Ouachita Mountains south of Blue Mountain Lake, according to officials.

At a news conference on July 28 in Danville, authorities said the Yell County Sheriff's Department located Brian Floyd's pickup truck in the mountains.

"The truck was driven to a very remote area," Sheriff Bill Gilkey said. "There's not even a road to get where the truck is."

Investigators said they would continue to search for the missing father and son around the area where the truck was found. Investigators also said they weren't giving out any more information concerning the arrest of Brooke Floyd.

"She's been very helpful today, and probably without her help we may not have found the vehicle," Gilkey said. "She is not in jail at this time. She is with investigators and our investigative agency."

Brian Floyd was arrested previously on July 20 on suspicion of communicating a false alarm, according to an arrest report.

Authorities were dispatched to the Floyd residence in the 1500 block of Battlefield Dr. on a possible burglary in progress. While on the way, authorities were informed by the 911 dispatch center that the caller had a history of mental illness, the report states.

When the authorities arrived, they found Brian Floyd driving around his residence in his vehicle. They talked him out of his vehicle while he was in a "manic state" and hallucinating, and he told authorities that a woman had broken into his house and had also been driving around his property, according to the report.

Authorities checked the home and found nothing was disturbed or broken. Floyd said he saw a police officer dressed in black and police dogs walking around his property. He also the officer and dog were on his roof before the woman broke into his house, the report states.

A family member was contacted to help authorities deal with him. That family member told authorities that Brian Floyd had been having trouble with his medicine. He was taken to the Sebastian County Detention Center, and, after he is found, faces a charge of communicating a false alarm, according to the report.



  • tom

    He is now a suspect in a homicide/kidnapping, how about an update? According to state police he is armed and dangerous!

  • tom

    this is an email where I got my info, I left out the officers name. I am not trying to add or make up anything, I do hope all works out for the best.

    Be on the look out for(BOLO): 97-99 GMC Pickup, Extended Cab, green in color. Has a diamond plated tool box in bed of truck. The license plate on it is Arkansas 288TRP. Driven by a possible homicide/kidnap suspect: Brian Floyd. He is a white male, 5’9”, 140-150lbs, short dark hair, blue eyes. He is 33 years old.
    Suspect is considered extremely dangerous and has possession of a firearm. Do not attempt to contact! Contact 911 immediately!!
    Suspect was last known to be in area of Waveland on FS RD 18. A 10 month old baby was presumed to be with the suspect as well, baby is a white male and has light blonde/reddish hair. The suspect is the father of the baby.
    Suspect frequents Knoppers Ford and Jack Creek areas in Scott Co as well.

    • sarah

      Im confused. where in this letter does it say he is a suspect of a homicide/kidnapping? The letter just states to be on the look out for this man, and that he is suspected to be armed and dangerous.

    • Christa

      Honestly, I think the BOLO should be removed; that is only police information, and there’s a reason the police have not released the information to the family. It’s an active investigation, leave it for the police to tell the family what’s going on.

  • Allen

    This to me is all pretty out there either by the reporters or by law enforcement being very stingy with information for it to all make sense. First they are looking for the father and son as “missing persons”. Then, the wife is arrested for felony endangering and fleeing apprehension… and now the man is a possible homicide/kidnap suspect? Who is/are the victims? The baby? Someone else? Both? But why would the mother be arrested with those charges? Is it me or is their an extreme lack of details in the reporting here (be it the reporter or law enforcement releasing info). Or is there another story somewhere that I’m missing that ties this all up.

    • Kathy Hedges

      They probally give as much as can to not cause more damage. This man has a mental condition. Give the officials a break! I do pray for both father an Hunter. Also family!

  • unbelievable

    The Other station has a different story. I just pray that baby is found unharmed. It was so hot this weekend that it would be hard for anyone to survive being out in this heat. A Greenwood man, who disappeared along with his 10-month-old baby, had been arrested last week by the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Department.
    According to a report from Sebastian County, Floyd called 911 July 20 to report a woman had broken into his house. Police said when they arrived at his home, Floyd was in a manic state and was hallucinating.

    Brian Floyd told authorities that police and police dogs had been walking around his property and on his roof. Investigators did not find any evidence anyone had broken into Floyd’s home.

    Police said Brian Floyd had a history of calling 911 to report different types of incidents. They contacted a family member who said Floyd had been having trouble with his medication.

    Brian Floyd was arrested on a charge of communicating a false alarm.

  • Amanda

    What is going on here? This story is all sorts of crazy! Why was this poor guy arrested for false alarm? It wasn’t. In his mind it was very real. Just because YOU don’t see the crazy lady doesn’t mean he didn’t. He should NEVER have been arrested. Someone should have HELPED him. More information is needed here. There is to much unnecessary secrecy and lack of information. It sounds like a hastily put together piece. Praying everyone is found safe and get the help they need!

    • Bailey

      My thoughts exactly, Amanda. It doesn’t sound as tho he called 911 for giggles, but because he legitimately feared for his safety. If that is the case, he certainly should not have been arrested, but afforded care.

  • Anonymous

    This is an active investigation, so information released to the public will and should be limited! Police and investigators have to keep details private to protect the integrity of the case! While many think that the public has a right to know, it doesn’t! Law enforcement has an obligation to the persons directly involved with the case and by releasing too much information can damage their efforts. As far as him being arrested, police are limited in what they can do when called to a situation with a mental illness. Sometimes, the only way they can “help” them is to arrest them, so that the courts will require medical evaluation and treatment. It’s amazing to me how many law enforcement and journalism experts come out in situations like these! As for the child and families involved, I sure hope that all turns out well and they are found safe. Continued prayers for all involved!

  • Confused

    Well they arrested him to get him help….but turned him loose without help….now he is scared of law and on the run. She was probably arrested because she knowingly let him leave with the baby. Sounds like a manhunt needs to be conducted quickly with the help of the public. There are plenty of men very capable of helping in the search just as well as police can. Just because they don’t wear a badge does not make a person a superior person in search and rescue. In fact many veterans are trained and versed in search and rescue in much more dangerous situations. What is not needed is a bunch of bubbas with guns going after him I’ll agree. Someone made a mistake along the lines and I would say the secrecy is covering up something. Possibly why the child was returned to the same home with a nut. Hence the arrest of the mother. But it’s all a guessing game and until more is known who knows. I just hope the secrecy doesn’t endanger the baby further by not using other assets to find the child.

  • Sherry Southward

    With some of the news. I was wondering the other day why would a father take a 10 month old go camping. Maybe he has something to do with himself and his little boy. Especially with the dad having hallucinations. And the child is differently NOT SAFE with his dad. I hope they find them soon. Maybe the dad took off with the boy. Something to think about. A lot of things are being kept quit !!


  • bully breaker

    Coming from a law inforcement family. That bolo is for law inforcement use. The reason they are saying armed and dangerous is becouse he is an avid hiker and he is in the woods with an infant and he is having mental issues. There main focus is that baby. As eveeybody should know. Someone with mental issues is capable of anything. They want to find him to check the wellfare of the baby and get him some medical help. Not that he has commited a crime. The police are covering all the possibilities. Thats how they do it. I hope they are found safe and sound and he gets the help he needs.

  • Steph

    I think that the confusion presenting itself in the comments is due to the lousy job of reporting this story since the beginning on Friday. No coherent reporting that had everyone trying to figure it all out. Hope and prayers for everyone involved including law enforcement to use good judgement when they finally come in contact with the father and baby.

  • Teshia

    I’m sorry, but how is the baby being hydrated? I pray that if he is hiding out, that someone is helping feed the baby, who cares if it is illegal, at least the baby will live if someone is helping. Keep helping, law enforcement will arrest you, but morally you are saving a life.

  • Kim

    Can you say meth? Sorry sounds like either synthetic weed or bath salts or even meth, and a registered gun owner ugh seriously need more testing before handing a gun to some people, rip baby boy maybe if mom took this seriously you would still be here

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