Family Of Slain Bentonville Woman Speaks Out

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) - Michael Conklin, accused of stabbing his grandmother Nelma Darline Conklin to death, was denied bond in Benton County.

Court documents say her body was found concealed under garbage bags in her home`s garage with blood pooled around her body.

“It was just unbelievable that he would do something like that. It just blows my mind,” said Randy Dozier, Darline Conklin’s son-in-law.

Family of Darline Conklin was in Bentonville Monday for a bond hearing for Michael Conklin.

“It has been hard. It has just been a shock to us,” Dozier said.

In his bond hearing, Michael Conklin was denied bond, the judge attributing his history of flight in the case.

“The judge found that there was sufficient cause to hold him over for further proceedings,” said Bentonville Police Chief Jon Simpson. “And, in this case, that he should be held without any sort of bond, or possibility of release.”

Police tell 5NEWS that it was important to keep Michael Conklin behind bars.

“That gives the community a sense of security,” Chief Simpson said.

Family of the Conklin’s tell 5NEWS that they never expected something like this to happen in their family, especially to Darline.

“She was a sweet lady. She loved her grandkids,” Dozier said.

Now one of her grandkids remains behind bars, charged with her murder.

“I think we are very fortunate to be where we are in this investigation,” Chief Simpson said. “The investigation is still ongoing. In fact, it’s really just now starting.”

While police continue to work the case, some in the Conklin family say they are at a loss for words.

“I don`t know what to say to [Michael]. At the time, we are just upset at him,” Dozier said. “I`ll just let the court decide that, just let it run its course.”

An arrest report states Michael Conklin moved in with his grandmother a few months ago, and was only supposed to stay a few weeks.

Authorities say tensions were high between the two recently.

Records show Michael Conklin’s mother filed a protection order against him in 2010. She said he threatened to hurt her and “burn her place down.”

Conklin’s mother later withdrew the protection order.



  • Velda

    This is devastating. That boy has the devil in him. Drugs, alcohol, body mutilation. That poor old lady was just trying to help this troubled child of the devil. Video games, TV, drugs, alcohol, weapons. He deserve to get beat. This is so sad.

  • LostCountry

    His mother is apparently the enabler in this. She should have stuck with the protective order. She obviously knew how he is.

    Velda, TV does not bring the devil, nor does music, tattoos, piercings, or alcohol. He is a deranged human being. You’re making the rest of us Christians look silly with your comments. Please stop.

  • Jcar

    This is a terrible thing to happen and basically the end of 2 lives. I feel for the family and do not know the situation but
    Lost Country, I agree with Velda. Satan’s Agent’s and Influences ARE in Lots of TV, Lots of Video games, Much Music, Tattoos, Piercings, Alcohol, Drugs, etc. How it effects one and how it is handled depends on the Individual. It is Unwise as a Christian to NOT try to guard against these increasingly Wordly/Secular things that are throughout society!

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