Grant Adds Five Pre-K Classes in Springdale

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SPRINGDALE(KFSM) - The Springdale School District is having pre-k registration Monday (July 28) and 150 more kids will be able to sign up thanks to a Care Foundation Grant.

Parents can register their three or four-year olds at the Early Chidhood Center on Thompson Street.

The school district had pre-k registration in June. However, the grant opened it up for more students, according to Darlene Fleeman, pre-k director.

Fleeman said pre-k gives kids a head start.

"The biggest component that happens the first couple of months is the social skills," Fleeman said. "They learn how to share, be friends, all of those important skills that we need to make it through life and then they learn academics."

"Lots of our kids leave our pre-ks reading so they learn life-long skills of math and literacy," she said. pson Street starting at 7:30 a.m.

The pre-k program is based on income. Parents need to bring proof of income of the last 30 days and if they qualify they'll have to provide additional documents.

This year, the Springdale school district will ahve 980 kids in its pre-k program.

"In my opinion, pre-k sets our kids up for success for life," Fleeman said. "Those kids have never been in group care before, they've never been exposed to students their own again and they've never been exposed to all the wonderful materials and supplies."

The Care Foundation gave about $3 million in grant to support under-served children across Northwest Arkansas through pre-k and hunger relief efforts.