Garrett’s Blog: Fewest 100º+ Days Since 2007

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Not that many people are complaining but this summer continues to trend below normal with the fewest number of 100º+ days for both Fayetteville and Fort Smith since July of 2007 which neither location hit the century mark.

Officially, no reporting station has hit 100º; although, I’m sure many of your back yard thermometers and the bank signs have been showing 100º occasionally. NOAA weather observations sites are called ASOS or Automated Surface Observing System and the temperature readings are taken in a controlled environment at local airports.

For example, the temperature probe uses a platinum wire resistive temperature to measure ambient temperature which is more accurate than the mercury thermometers that you and I both have on the back porch. It’s also located above vegetation, in the shade, and 4-6 feet above ground, and 100 feet away from any paved surface. The temperature given by ASOS is a 5min average which is given 1 minute so you can see how the official readings might differ from some of the consumer thermometers which are likely very close but have some bias.

Image 55

This image shows the number of 100º days in July. Who can forget how terrible the summer of 2011 was?! In the past, we do typically see a handful of 100º days in both Fayetteville and Fort Smith. The reason that Fayetteville has few is because of elevation. Fort Smith is around 400ft ASL and Fayetteville is around 1,400ft ASL with temperatures usually about 5º lower per 1,000ft of elevation.

July will wrap up in a few days, and it appears we won’t hit 100º which will be the first time this has happened since 2007.