Fort Smith Newspaper Moving Printing Operations To Northwest Arkansas

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – Stephens Media, owner of the Southwest Times Record, announced on Wednesday (July 30) that it would be moving all printing and mailroom operations from the Fort Smith and Van Buren production facilities to Springdale and Lowell, resulting in 37 layoffs.

The move will “increase the color capacity of the newspapers and improve packaging and mailroom efficiency,” the report states.

All moving operations will be done by the start of September, according to the report.

“With our partnership in northwest Arkansas, and the newer production equipment in use there, we saw this as an opportunity to upgrade production capacity of the Times Record,” said Ed Moss, President and CEO of Stephens Media.

A total of 37 employees will be laid off as a result of the shift, the report states.

There will be positions available in Northwest Arkansas and Fort Smith that will be offered to current employees, according to the report.

“It’s hard anytime you have to stand in front of a group of people and tell them their jobs are going away and especially in a case like this where this isn’t really any fault of their’s. I mean, this group of people downtown and in Van Buren, they have done so much with the equipment that we’ve had for them,” said Publisher Tom Stallbaumer.


  • Arnold Fudpucker

    Another loss for Fort Smith. Hey city leaders?????
    My subscription will be cancelled and I sure as hell won’t be doing any advertising with them.

  • borderbore

    This is no surprise, Fort Smith is dying on the vine. So is the old SWTR building going to become an eyesore like the Whirlpool buildings are to look at. Everything that’s anything is in NW Arkansas. The city leaders here will probably try to turn the old building into some Historic spot for a hand full of tourist to visit.

    Hopefully the workers can relocate up there and get out of this border town with no future.

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      Yes, and then they will have a meeting and talk about Chaffee Crossing while patting each other on the pack for a job undone. Bring on the casinos. NWA can’t touch that but we ignore it?

    • unbelievable

      Borderbore come on now!! You know the marshall museum and the elvis barber shop bring and will bring hundreds of thousands of tourists flocking to our area every year!! If we had competant people in this area running Chaffee and the City they would have the entire Chaffee area filled with GOOD PAYING jobs but they have lots of undeveloped land and an interstate that goes nowhere. I’m sure they will cut the ribbon on a new eating establishment and act like the 50 part time less than minimum wage jobs are something to brag about.
      I cancelled my subscription 2 years ago but I buy one on Sundays now and then. I won’t be buying one at all now.

  • ArkyDiva (@Arkydiva)

    The “leaders” of Fort Smith are disgusting. They couldn’t lead a pig to a mess of food. The bleed out of the River Valley and urban blight are nothing to be proud of. You are literally breaking the backs of the people who live here by carrying jobs on them to NWA. BUT BUILD THAT WATER PARK! YEAH!

  • ok, so then......

    And yet no one runs against them. No one petitions to change the form of government. No one creates FOI’s to check their rules are being followed. For all the whining on here and other websites, no one does anything.

    I too an disappointed by this decision, but also by the lack of action that obviously a small vocal internet group has but are always willing to complain about everything.

  • pancrasio

    really.. My mom has been working there for years!!… and all they did was said sorry!!!! but we are locating.. really did they think of all those single moms that work there.. and what they re going to do when they are laid off.. after working there for so many years!!!.. But go ahead move to NWA…. and forget about those employees your leaving to further production!!!!!.. SWTR!!!!!. kiss my A**

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