Brandon Allen One-On-One: Part 1

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Arkansas quarterback Brandon Allen sat down with 5NEWS partner Bo Mattingly for a three part series on how the Razorbacks signal caller handled his first year as a starter, injury and expectations entering the 2014 season.

Bo Mattingly: Give me a sense of what it's like to transition from high school to college as a quarterback. What things are coming at you that maybe you didn't see coming, you didn't realize would be that difficult. Doesn't seem easy.

Brandon Allen: I knew it was going to be a different speed. I knew that the whole SEC is a different speed than any other college football but I think the speed of that game hit me by force when I first started playing it. It was an eye opener for me. It was things moving around so fast and you're out there trying to make sense of it all. I think it was shock for me when I was first out there that this is a different level. This is a speed that I wasn't ready for yet and I think that was the biggest thing that I knew was coming but I still wasn't ready for it.

BM: Last year didn't go like you wanted it to. What was the moment where maybe it was as bad as it gets? Was there a rock bottom moment?

BA: I think the whole season was such a rock bottom moment for all of us. It started out alright. Started out 3-0 and then SEC play kind of got us and not winning a game the rest of the way out was kind of just a steady rock bottom for us. Obviously not at all what we had planned, what we had in our minds but I think the whole season was kind of a hard time for the whole team.

BM: Emotionally, how rough did it get with the criticism for you?

BA: It was tough but I think playing quarterback in any kind of major college football team, you're going to get ridiculed no matter what. There is going to be people that don't want you to succeed. There is going to be people that is going to like you when you're good. They're going to hate you're bad. That kind of thing just comes with it. I think I did take a lot of the brunt of the criticism but that's the nature of the position. You're on top when you win and you're on the bottom when you lose. That's something that I've known about playing quarterback and I think everybody that plays quarterback knows that and it's just part of the position.

BM: When you come back from a game and your truck has been egged, you said what?

BA: I didn't really say anything. My roommates were more mad than I was. That was a dumb deal. I don't know how to explain that. It was after what, Mississippi State, the overtime loss. That's just kind of how it is. There are some fans, like I said, they don't like you when you lose. Just have to win to keep my truck from being egged.