Arkansans Shop Missouri For Electronics Savings During Sales Tax Holiday

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JANE, MISSOURI (KFSM) - Many Arkansans could be found shopping in stores along the southern border of Missouri on Friday (Aug. 1), specifically in one section of retail stores.

"There was a lot of people back in the electronics area" said James Wilson, an Arkansan who was shopping in Missouri.

Missouri, and Oklahoma, started their Sales Tax Holiday weekends a day before Arkansas will.

Between Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, Missouri is the only state which lists certain items in the electronics section in their sales tax holiday weekend.

"Laptops will probably be very much looked at today," said Michele Meidinger, an Arkansan with a daughter in high school.

Personal computers under $3,500 are part of the event in Missouri, which made some travel north just for those savings.

"It's fixing to be my daughter’s birthday. And this weekend is the tax free weekend,” Wilson said. “In Arkansas, they don't have it on computers, and in Missouri, they do."

"I opted not to buy [products] in Fayetteville, but, to buy them up here in Jane,” Meidinger said. “Because, I knew I could get a tax deduction on it."

Some say they think all states with the Sales Tax Holiday should incorporate electronics into their weekend, as electronics are often needed for schooling.

"They are a part of school,” Wilson said. “A lot of people use them for college, for high school, or for papers.”

"If they're going back to school, they need laptops, they need all kinds of electronic devices" Lacy Waechter said.

In the end, some say their savings made the drive north well worth the gas, and time.

"I was just looking at the receipt, and it was about 150 bucks I saved." Wilson said.