Facebook Goes Down, Returns After 30 Minutes

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(KFSM) – Facebook went down a few minutes before 11 a.m. on Friday, leaving millions of users across the planet without access to the world’s biggest social network.

“Sorry, something went wrong,” a message on Facebook stated.

“We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can,” the message stated.

After approximately 30 minutes, Facebook was back to normal.

During the down time, users flocked to Twitter to air their thoughts about the social giant being crippled, however momentarily.

5NEWS even took advantage of the outage to let users know they were still able to deliver breaking news via Twitter.



  • El Paso Events

    For those who operate businesses on Facebook and/or are planning events
    this is a real problem. It IS. . . a BIG DEAL.
    It’s NOT for just looking at photos of your Lunch or friends.

    As big a deal as you losing your email service.
    If another country/ Russia or North Korea did this, we’d be at war.
    Its NOT just Facebook’s advertising revenue, its entire businesses shut down that operate on the facebook platform. Events/ clubs/ entertainment/ sales of all kinds, etc.
    Small businesses lost millions on Facebook, when it shuts down.
    WHY dont they have a duplicate-backup system?
    WE DO ! !
    We have 3 computers backed up and ready to go if one shuts down.

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