Search Called Off For Missing Pregnant Woman In Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – Police cancelled their search Friday night for a pregnant Fayetteville woman who went missing after not showing up to a local hospital to have her labor induced.

Brandi Wade, 28, is overdue in a pregnancy of twins. She was scheduled to have labor induced at a local hospital Friday morning, according to the Fayetteville Police Department.

Wade never showed up to the hospital and went missing, police said early Friday night. Fayetteville police issued a missing person notice, but withdrew it later the same night.

A Facebook user in Fayetteville using the name “Brandie A. Wade” stated Friday night on her profile she is O.K.

“That report on me better get canceled fast,” a post on the profile from Friday night reads. “I am fine! I will contact y’all when I’m ready! Leave me alone.”

Fayetteville police said the woman visited a friend in western Fayetteville Thursday night and told the friend and her husband she had a babysitting job on Betty Jo Drive from 7 to 11 p.m. Thursday.

The woman texted her friend at 1 a.m. to say the parent of the child she was supposed to babysit was running late and that her own phone was running out of battery charge. No one reported hearing from her after that, police said.

Neither her husband or her friend knew the identity of the person who Wade was supposed to babysit. She never returned home, and she is not in any area hospitals, according to the Fayetteville Police Department’s missing person report.


  • carol

    “That report on me better get canceled fast,” –Gee, sounds like she is a ___ well, you can fill in the blank.

  • barbed_wire83

    I knew one of the Wade family, she was.. let’s say flighty. I am worried that that really isn’t Brandi Wade making the Facebook post, and if that is the case then she really is in trouble. Overdue twins being delivered is not something you put off for a babysitting job, in any state of mind.

  • Jeannette

    If her phone is with her then who ever she with also has access to her phone which means Facebook too. If I was her husband I’d be worried.

  • katie

    Did anyone ever go to the OBGYN with her? I’m guessing the girl isn’t pregnant. I don’t think its real common for twins to be “over due.” Plus if she is truly a diabetic, then she would have been a higher risk in pregnancy the babies would have been larger than normal babies. Which would tend to make them come early,,, not late. Something isn’t adding up with this story. If she has faked this pregnancy and time has just run out on the lie, then I sure hope someone gets her some serious mental help. That isn’t normal to put family thru that.

  • Breath

    If she was smart she should have called the hospital to cancel her appointment if she’s not going to show up for her scheduled appointment. Did she think the hospital wouldn’t notice or they would do nothing? Sounds like she’s irresponsible and brought this on herself.

    Live and learn.

  • Michelle

    My first thought was not that she is a liar but that she is very due and someone has taken her to take the babies from her. Either way she needs prayers.

    • kathryn b

      That was my very exact thought. Not the first time for that to happen. I watched a movie based off a waitress faking multiple pregnancies to trap a man she wanted. She stole a girl from the hospital and when the “man” said he wanted a boy she murdered an expecting mother to take the child. There’s a black market with a lot of money involved for newborn infants. Extremely tragic.

  • Donna

    sounds like someone was pretending to be her. doesn’t sound good to me. sounds like the babysitting job was suspicious too!! I sure hope they find her alive and well!!

  • Crissy

    If you read her page, she uses good grammar and complete sentences. The last couple of posts are choppy and sound nothing like her usual posts. I’m more than likely reading at too much into it but I value my job as a Facebook detective:-)

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