Parents Buy School Supplies And Clothes During Tax Free Holiday

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - The Arkansas tax free weekend started at 12:01 Saturday morning, giving shoppers 48 hours to take ten percent off of clothing items and school supplies.

"It can be expensive," Parent Niki Wadsworth said, "We spent almost $60 last year just in one kid's school supplies, so even with 25 cent and 15 cent pieces, there's so many things on the list now-a-days that it can get expensive."

The Fayetteville woman said three of her four children are in school, and considers the tax free weekend a blessing.

"We're getting lots of clothes, lots of shoes, and backpacks are a good deal too," Wadsworth said.

Parent Alana Adkins said her 13-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter have specific requests with back-to-school shopping.

"It is for us," Adkins said, "Especially when there's something name brand your kids want, I think it's definitely worth utilizing the tax free weekend."


Tax free items include clothing under $100, cosmetics and accessories under $50, and all school supplies. Walmart retail expert Randy Hargrove said the tax free holiday was created so people could save money.

"They're going to get that additional savings, and if they're on a budget it could help them," Hargrove said, "For example, they could buy an extra binder or backpack or t-shirt...that's the kind of advantage these sorts of weekends are going to offer."

In Arkansas and Oklahoma, electronics are not included in the tax free weekend. Missouri does allow a tax exemption on electronic items under $3500.

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  • Lady Liberty

    Hats off to these ladies for buying their kids’ school supplies and not going to Harvest Time to mooch off the gullible.

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