Greenwood, Shadow Lake Annexation Approved By City Council

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GREENWOOD (KFSM) -  The Greenwood City Council completed the third reading of the annexation of the Shadow Lake community on Tuesday evening (Aug. 12), authorities say.

Now, voters will decide whether or not to annex Shadow Lake on Nov. 4, according to authorities.

The Greenwood City Council originally decided Monday night (August 4) to table the third reading on the annexation of the Shadow Lake community due to legal questions with some properties.

It's all part of an on-going discussion that has both sides frustrated.

Homeowners in the Shadow Lake community are voicing their concerns about being annexed into Greenwood.

"I think it frustrates us that we are being forced into a situation that we do not want, " said homeowner Deborah Chapman.

Homeowners say they are concerned and afraid that, if annexed, their property taxes will go up.

" Well I don't want definitely do not want to pay any more taxes to just be part of something that we don't want to be part of," said homeowner Alan Taylor.

Greenwood Mayor Doug Kinslow said, " they might see an increase I think we are hearing different things."

Kinslow said that what homeowners don't realize is that, if passed, there are certain benefits that come with being part of Greenwood.

For example, first responders can be on scene minutes faster which authorities said it could mean the difference between life and death.

" I just think its going to be positive for everybody, the increase on police protection and better fire protection, " said Kinslow. " They already get these things we understand that but hopefully we just add to it to make it better for them."

" We could pay a fee to have emergency services in Greenwood if we so decided, that's not a problem," said Chapman.

Kinslow said even though the annexation is a scary process, he knows that if it goes through as planned it will only mean good things for both Greenwood and the surrounding communities.

" I think in a year or two from now we will look back and I don't think those people's lives will change any at all, maybe for the better," said Kinslow.


  • Family of Shadow Lake resident

    There are many more reasons than taxes as to why they do not want to be annexed. Do not be fooled into voting for this. It will cost everyone more on both sides. This annexation should not happen. Please do not blindly vote on this. Do your research and look at all the facts.

  • My Two Cents

    I am a resident of Shadow Lake Estates and I would encourage people to vote FOR the annexation.
    One thing that bemuses me is that we were begging the city to annex us in the 90’s – not once but twice. What’s different now? Is it because it’s not our idea? Is it just because no one likes changes or fear of the unknown? What exactly do we lose by being annexed?
    I believe we need to look at the overall larger picture for growth for the City of Greenwood. I think that if we look at it objectively, removing emotions, I believe we would find that the right answer is not always the easy and most popular answer and it would be to vote FOR annexation in November.

  • Happy n quiet

    So are they going to build a new fire department station near that subdivision? After all, the city’s fire department is on the other side of town, as you are heading out to Booneville… With all that extra property tax revenue, it would only make sense to provide semi-adequate services, right? That doesn’t sound like an outrageous request.

  • Bob Gnarly

    ……….because the Greenwood PD definitely needs a larger stretch of Highway 71 from which to gather revenues…….

    • bob

      couldn’t said it better my selfs Greenwood is a police city and looking for every way to rob people of there money. Now they will be having PIG PEN’s setup all way to jennylind. most cops in greenwood don’t even know what real police work is! I had them set up the street all day waiting for me to leave to pull use over cause they suspected something.

  • Jayhawk

    The annexation action is about much more than Shadow Lake. It also includes properties along both sides of 71 Hwy and the south side of Hwy 10 plus the properties north of 10 Spur that are cut off from the rest of the county.

    Ref the comment about a fire station: The city already plans to build a fire station on the west side of town. It will be built regardless of the results of the annexation election as funds become available. Additionally, Shadow Lake is currently covered by the Greenwood FD. GFD is automatically called out for all structure fires in Shadow Lake. Annexation of Shadow Lake will not increase city’s fire fighting responsibilities nor stretch its resources.

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