Driver Injured After Semi Overturns in Fort Smith

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - Fort Smith Police said a semi truck driver is injured after his truck overturned in Fort Smith. The accident happened just after 5 a.m. Tuesday (Aug. 5) in front of the Knight's Inn at 3810 Towson.

"I thought it was something in the building exploded, "said Knight's Inn employee George Addington.

Authorities said the semi crashed while trying to avoid a car making an illegal u-turn. "There was an orange Dodge Challenger that cut this driver off and he swerved to avoid him and he hit the sign,"said Battalion Chief Tery Graves with the Fort Smith Fire Department.

According to Addington,"I seen the wreckage and I climbed up there and talked to the driver to make sure he was okay and I told him to sit still."

Graves said it was the sheer impact and the weight of the trailer that caused the truck to overturn.

First responders said the semi was leaking diesel fuel at the time of the accident, but it did not pose a threat. Crews were brought in to get the spill cleaned up.

"The call came in as a fuel leaking out of the truck, "said Graves. "Whenever you get a call like that you can assume that it is a tanker or something like that."

The names of the drivers have not been released at this time.








  • Hairy Reasoner

    i see the quality of reporters has slipped again. She says the exact same thing twice. Then they all but repeat again in the studio.

  • rebecca

    This was my nephew who was hit and weather or not the reporting is bad or good i am thankful for it.

  • Walter

    Rebecca – Sorry to hear that it was your nephew that was hit and pray that he is ok, but accurate reporting is essential to the check and balance system of this country. It was built in by our founding fathers purposefully in order to keep the government on the straight and narrow, and for good reason. Bad reporting has a lot to do with what is wrong with this country today as reporting has become very bias to the reporters own political philosophies. As most reporters are in Fort Smith for a short time, in order to gain experience to move to a larger market, these bad habits will follow them. As such, failure to maintain accurate reporting standards could become detrimental to our future as they move up the ladder so to speak. Any and all reporters that fail to provide accurate and absolutely correct information should be called out as they have a responsibility not only to their audience but to the country as well.

    • Watcher

      Not sure what a simple mistake a reporter made caused your rant. Checks and Balances created by the Founding Fathers applied to the Government. It does not apply to a young reporter mistaking diesel for gas. I heard someone last week make the same mistake. Of all the problems we have in our city, state, country and world I can give her a pass. Plus the injured driver is more important!

      • Kevin

        Watcher — That’s your problem and many others in this country. Too many passes! Small mistakes will eventually turn into big mistakes if not corrected or not made known to the individual that made the mistake. Geesh, can’t believe this this would even need an explanation.

  • kayla

    yeah that is wrong it was not a u turn he was turning into the parking lot and no one was with him like they keep saying if they were they would be dead so you people who do not know him or anything about this situation need not say anything at all that is the father of my child and we are thankful she gets to keep seeing her daddy everyday.

  • Watcher

    Kevin, I guess I will not forgive you for using the word ‘this’ back to back in your sentence. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife because they making mistakes all up in this place.

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