Woman Charged With Manslaughter After Son And Husband Found Dead

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YELL COUNTY (KFSM) - A woman whose 10-month-old baby and husband were found dead last week in the Ouachita Mountains was charged with manslaughter Tuesday after new details emerged about the deaths of her family members.

Brooke Floyd, 21, surrendered herself to authorities Tuesday and was released from jail on the $50,000 bond she previously posted. She was also arrested last week on suspicion of hindering apprehension and endangering a minor.

New court documents released Tuesday state Brian and Brooke Floyd went missing July 25 after taking methamphetamine and fleeing with their 10-month-old son Harper to the Ouachita Mountains, where they thought someone was following them. The couple's truck broke down near Blue Mountain Lake, and the two believed they were being attacked by unknown assailants.

Brooke Floyd later conceded the attacks may have been fake, and the couple may have actually been attacking each other, according to court documents.

The woman left her husband and son in the woods to go find help. She was later found by U.S. Forest Service workers, court documents state.

Floyd, of Greenwood, was arrested shortly after authorities found her. They began searching for her then-missing husband and son and found them both dead  in a rural area of Yell County on July 29, not far from Brian's Chevy pickup truck near Blue Mountain Lake, authorities said.

An autopsy report states Harper Floyd died from abandonment and exposure, while Brian Floyd's cause of death is undetermined pending a toxicology report, according to court documents.

Brooke Floyd

Brooke Floyd

On July 25 at 2:08 p.m., deputies with the Yell County Sheriff's Department went to the Booneville Police Department regarding Brooke Floyd being found in a ditch in the Ouachita National Forest by a forest service employee, court documents state.

Brooke Floyd was covered in scratches from traveling in heavy brush for an extended period of time, according to court documents.

She also had "significant" bruising on her arms, legs and sides of her face. She was barefoot when she was found, court documents state.

Brooke Floyd told authorities that she and Brian Floyd left their house around 1 a.m. that morning with their 10-month-old son Harper after they became afraid of people around their home trying to harm them, according to court documents.

She said that after they left Greenwood, they were being followed by people who were trying to kill them and that those people were following them in different vehicles, court documents state.

Brooke Floyd told deputies that a red truck and white car were chasing her family. They went by Brooke Floyd's parent's home, but they decided to keep driving for fear of the people chasing them hurting Brooke Floyd's parents as well.

They kept going, and they ended up in a wooded area, but she could not describe where it was. Brooke Floyd was rambling and incoherent, and she was very difficult to follow in conversation, according to court documents.

Brooke Floyd said they drove up a dead-end road, and Brian Floyd told her that the truck broke down at the end of it. She said that when they got out of the vehicle, they were attacked by the people who had been chasing them, court documents state.

Harper Floyd

Harper Floyd

She said that attackers shot at them and that Brian shot back before he got hit. Brooke Floyd told deputies the attackers shot the entire family, and at one point, she feared Harper would die because he stopped breathing. Later she said he started breathing again. Then, she said people stabbed them with knives but later mentioned there weren't any knives and nobody was stabbed, according to court documents.

Brooke Floyd eventually decided to go for help. She told deputies she went instead of Brian because he was having trouble walking. She also said she didn't take the baby because Harper was okay with Brian Floyd, court documents state.

The court documents state, "She did not show any emotion and did not appear to be frantic or even openly concerned about the baby's well-being."

When asked where her husband was, she indicated he was at the police station with her. Deputies informed her that he was not, and she said she thought he got picked up, too, according to court documents.

Deputies asked her if she had taken any medication because she appeared to be hallucinating, and she said she had taken Clonazepam and "Speed." Deputies asked if "Speed" referred to Methamphetamine, and she said yes. She told deputies that she snorted meth a day before everything happened. She also said Brian Floyd had snorted it, too. Brian Floyd had been awake for three days prior to the incident, court documents state.

She couldn't provide specific details about the exact location of Brian Floyd and Harper, but she said she had been walking through the woods for a while, according to court documents.

Harper Floyd was only wearing a diaper when she left him with Brian Floyd, court documents state.

Search teams formed after Brooke Floyd was taken back to Danville to be further questioned, according to court documents.

On July 28, after search efforts still hadn't yielded any results, authorities spoke with Brooke Floyd again who admitted she and Brian were under the effects of meth, and she knew most of what she said was false. She said Brian Floyd was hallucinating too, and they would tell each other what they were both seeing, leading them to believe their experiences were real, court documents state.

She told authorities that before she left Brian Floyd and Harper Floyd, she spent a night with them. During the night, they continued to hallucinate, and at one point when they thought they were being attacked, they were really just fighting each other, according to court documents.

During the fight, Brian Floyd told her he was going to "put Harper out of his misery," because he was "breathing weird." She managed to talk her husband out of it, but the next morning, the baby was covered in scratches from their fight during the previous night, court documents state.

Brian Floyd's truck was later found that day, according to court documents.

On July 29, the body of Harper Floyd was found lying face-down near a forest service road. Brian Floyd was found lying on his back in a wooded area approximately 0.13 miles away from where Harper Floyd was found, court documents state.

Brooke Floyd has a court date scheduled for 9 a.m. on Aug. 7 at the Yell County Circuit Court in Danville. Until then, she remains free on bond, according to a news release from Yell County Sheriff Bill Gilkey.

To read the full arrest warrant, click here. Be warned, there are some graphic details.


  • judy

    sad indeed for everyone. looks like a long & slippery road to the truth of what really happened. sympathy for all involved, even brooke unless it was premeditated…who knows

    • elyana

      I don’t feel sorry for gee …she chose to take the drugs ..nobody forced them on her …she chose to be reckless around her child …who depended on her to keep him safe ….i hope the father rots in hell and I hope the mother suffers the rest of her pathetic life

  • Guy Shea

    A classic case of meth induced reaction to “people”, who are thinking they are being watched, followed and other devious things happening, most of these people could be productive if they could just get off the Meth! Meth is the scourge or ” plague” of this generation, I hope God will find a way to eliminate this poison from this world!

    • nealnbob

      You’re full of $#it! I’ve had a blood level of 5.7% meth and 5.9% amphetamine and never hallucinated like that! Her story is BS!

      • Lulu

        I’m pretty sure all you are trying to do is get negative attention from this ignorant comment you just made. Obviously you haven’t really been around people that are really on drugs like that. These drugs are cooked up by some idiot with many different chemicals, you never know what you are putting in your body let alone know how you will react each time. I’ve seen people high on meth act out just like this couple did but thankfully the end result wasn’t like this sad story here. It’s scary to see people out there and in a completely different state of mind. I in no way defend this lady for what she done, I honestly think she should get two counts of murder for these actions because we all know the risk behind meth!

  • Captain D

    This is a sad, sad story. Why do people think drugs will solve their problem? Wake up! This is the end result. Destroyed lives and heartbreak for the families.

  • unbelieveable

    She needs to be taken out there and left to die in the heat without water or anything. POS is what she is. She needs to suffer like that poor baby did. He was left out there during the hottest period we have had this year. I hope she burns in H*LL but she will more than likely be free if 4 or 5 years so she can breed more children and make them suffer.

      • unbelievable

        Yes judy I AM VERY ANGRY!! I cannot remember a time that I have been this angry about something involving people that I do not know. I am angry that an innocent child suffered like this little guy did just because his parents wanted to get high. When you have a child you are entrusted to take care of that child because he depends on you 100% for everything. I’m tired of people just like these two worthless parents blaming it on the drugs. I’m sorry but it’s a choice. When I was younger i drank and smoked a little pot but I grew up and quit. I had many opportunities to use a lot of other drugs but guess what ….. I CHOSE NOT TO USE THEM !

    • marie

      I agree with unbelievable. Yes they are harsh angry words but somebody needs to show some anger. An innocent baby died and people want to feel sorry for this woman? & for those of you who say “it was the drugs, not her” she CHOSE to do the drugs. It’s been known for a long time what that stuff does to people. Discusted with this whole situation!

    • elyana

      Judy you are either too forgiving , completely ignorant or on meth yourself but you obviously have no compassion for this innocent child….

  • Irma Rowland

    now we know “the rest of the story” all i can say is: it is sad a baby was in the custody of two meth addicted parents. how sad for all the family. so so sad.

  • Amazed

    Why did no one see what was happening in this family? The grandparents surely knew what was going on with the drug addiction. Why did they not call DHS? Were there no family members who knew these two were involved in drugs? People when you see something like this, think of the child and call DHS.

    • really?

      They had to have known. They were just blind to it.
      Seriously, look at the only two pics they have posted of her. One shows a young, healthy and pretty girl. The most recent pics show the physical changes in her facial structure.
      The Faces of Meth.

  • Velda

    This is why we need to fight to keep meth away. Young people think drugs and alcohol are Gods. What ever happened to working hard and living a clean life? It is just too easy to get on drugs and alcohol and live on disability and welfare. This is so sad and this poor baby paid with his life over stupid parents. Kids, if you do drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, this can happen to you. Cigarettes would be throat and lung cancer death. Alcohol would be a deadly DWI crash. Give your life to God and join your church family that will be with your little family for life. Drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes will back stab you.

  • really?

    An Eye For an Eye.

    I agree. She deserves to die. She left her defenseless child, exposed and without food, in the middle of the forest on the hottest days of the year.

    Yes. She deserves the same fate.
    She may have given birth to the child, but she was no mother or protector.

    • really?

      And you think that it isn’t justified?…… or do you just feel sympathy for a girl that left her child to die?
      This isn’t about hate. This is about justice for an innocent child, left to die by a mother that is mentally fried from her meth use.
      I wonder if you would feel as such if it had been a child that you were close to……

      It’s views like yours that allow society to continually repeat the same mistakes over and over again. It has perpetuated into a sink hole in the moral fiber of what is, and isn’t, acceptable to our society as a whole.
      To think this is about hate is a narrow, blinder driven view of this incident as a whole. Tolerance to anything remotely similar to this is nothing more than turning a blind eye to the matter and condoning it, thus allowing it to continue and happen again and again to more innocent children that are caught up in their parents drug problems.
      I feel sympathy for her family. She deserves no sympathy nor any leniency. Her fate should be the same fate she left her innocent and exposed child to- Death.

  • Tom

    She should be charged with 1st degree murder. This was not a mistake, she made a choice. This is not hate, it is justice. It may not deter others, but people need to know if you do this, you will pay the price.

  • Alex Coltrain

    All you righteous folks might need a good look in the mirror. The hate you spread is just as detrimental to society as drugs are. Doesn’t the bible talk about compassion and not judging others? It’s not like the woman got off and is on a beach somewhere. She got arrested and is facing a manslaughter charge. Her husband and baby are dead. I don’t know anyone involved but it sounds like she was definitely in a deep psychosis. I’m sure in her mind she thought she would be able to get help. I would rather a baby be left at a shelter… Aka a Vehicle, Rather than walking aimlessly through the forrest with the hallucinating mother who was so delusional, she thought her husband had got picked up and was at the station with her. She did make it out but she was very lucky. Obviously you can’t expect a person in that sort of mental state to be able to articulate the location of the two she left behind. Drug addiction is a disease. I am in no way condoning the actions of the parents but she will have to live with what happened for the rest of her life. Not to mention the penalties handed down by the Legal system. Word of the week… #Compassion

    • really?

      Manslaughter, in this instance, is like giving a speeding ticket to a drunk that plowed into a crowd of people standing on a street corner.

      You speak of God and religion and that our cries for proper justice are no better than the scourge of drugs on our society….. but yet you fail to speak of the multiple slaughters of people throughout history carried out in Gods name.

      So yes, you are correct on one aspect. Drugs and Religion have both killed. But in defense of religion and the bible, the Bible states that there is a time for justice and death. An Eye For an Eye.

      If you feel sympathy and forgiveness for the decisions that this girl made that left one of the world’s truly innocent souls, a child, alone, cold, hot, hungry, and thirsty, to the point of succumbing to what had to have been a horrible end…… well, maybe you should expose yourself to a little more reality and a little less reading.

      • Alex Coltrain

        If they could have charged her with murder they would have. Your analogy is void. I’m not religious at all, nor do I care what the bible has to say… I just used it as a reference to help people relate to a positive message. Let the Justice System do it’s job. My whole point is that your entitled to be angry and hateful but your only hurting yourself. & voicing your hate on a the comment board isn’t going to change or help anything.

  • Jaybird

    Good grief… I HATE TWEAKERS!!. This baby experienced pure hell and evil the last hours that it was alive. And it experienced it from the two people that were supposed to love it the most. I have absolutely no sympathy for either of the so called “parents”. I hope they put a picture of Harper in her jail cell so she will not be allowed to forget what she allowed to happen all because she “wanted to get high”.

  • Utterly Disgusted

    No, you who defend her are right, she probably did not purposely kill this baby, at least not by blunt personal force. It may not have been something she wanted… and she did not do it alone. What bears noticing is that the father also did this and should also be noted as accountable, maybe more so than her if her statements about talking him out of harming the baby are true, but we do not and never will know his side of the story. They both should be accountable. We are all told from a young age how dangerous drugs like those particular kind are. They had obviously used them before and knew this to be fact. But the fact is that they did it anyway, FULLY AWARE of the affects and FULLY AWARE that their child should have been first in their life instead of their own selfish horrible desires to escape or create whatever it is they were trying to do to themselves by using this drug. They killed this baby. Murdered him. Because they CHOSE to use that drug and they KNEW what they were doing. They made the choice and they both killed him. From what I read here I am guessing that the girl wanted to believe that the child was safe with his father. That is understandable. We all want to be able to think that our children are safe with their other parent. BUT if what she stated was in any way true, which is debatable, then she already knew that the child was not safe. Maybe in her time of walking away she believed herself capable of getting help in time and that her family would be ok, but then was unable because of the affect of the drugs.. IT DOES NOT MATTER. When this girl and her husband consumed those drugs they put an innocent child in the position that resulted. When they used the drugs, they murdered their son, together. End of story. Choosing to do the drugs was a choice and that moment of choice was intentional murder of this baby. Their choice to use these drugs with that baby in their care and at their mercy is murder. I have no sympathy for the man who lost his life in order to get messed up on drugs. I see him as a murderer for taking them and purposely causing the death of this child and himself. She is also a murderer, of the child. The man made his choice and so did she. The only innocent in this is the child. They are both guilty of murder of a baby, which is the most horrendous thing I can ever imagine. He did not have to live with the consequences of his choice. That is awful. He should have had to wake up every day for the rest of his life and look at that baby’s photo and know what he did. So should she. My heart truly goes out to, and is broken for, the families of both sides of this tragedy. They suffer from this more than anyone and I pray they never read this post at all. There is nothing I can say or even hope for to help ease their pain. These two caused so much pain to their families and the families are the ones that are now forced to wake up each day and try to live with the horrible choices that these two made.

    • really?

      Don’t forget.
      Deep in the report it states that she was found on a forest service road laying down in a ditch, as if she were trying to hide.

      The initial media releases stated that she was found walking….. but the report that was filed states she was lying in a ditch.

  • just my opinion

    So many people out there that want a baby and could give it s beautiful life, why didn’t their family or friends or neighbors who had to of known what they were doing, call someone and had the baby removed from the home?

  • Cyan Jordanh

    We all know Brooke will only get some jail time. She should be steralized so she can never have more children. Why should she ever have a chance to abuse and have a child after ‘killing’ her own already? Meth messes one up and their mind is never right after that…SHE did this and she has set her fate. The only way to make people realize their own actions are what matters is to make them responsible for their own actions…like it used to be 30 years aggo.

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