Man Accused Of Raping, Torturing Cellmate Has Trial Delayed

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The Fayetteville man accused of robbing a cab driver with a machete and later raping a cellmate had his trial delayed Wednesday in Washington County.

Javaughntaiye Willis was scheduled to begin his rape trial Wednesday in Washington County Circuit Court. New subpoenas sent out to witnesses indicate the trial has been reset to Nov. 4.

Willis and Alberto Delatorre were arrested in July 2013 after police said they held a machete to a taxi cab driver’s throat during a robbery. A jury found Delatorre guilty in March of being an accomplice to aggravated robbery and theft of property. He received a sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250 fine, according to court records.

Willis pleaded guilty July 30 to being an accomplice to aggravated robbery and theft of property. He received a sentence of 10 years in prison, with an additional five years suspended, court records show.

Later, while in custody at the Washington County Detention Center, Willis and Jdonta Britt were accused of raping and torturing a cellmate over the course of several hours. Willis was charged with rape, second-degree sexual assault, second-degree battery and terroristic threatening, according to court documents.

Prosecutors filed the same charges against Britt. Britt’s trial is scheduled for Aug. 13, court records show.

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