Arkansas ‘Cheer Mom’ Guilty In Plea Agreement

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SHERWOOD (KTHV) – Sherwood mother known for appearing in the cheerleading reality show “Cheer Perfection” has pleaded guilty in an agreement with prosecutors Thursday.

The Pulaski County Circuit Clerk’s Office released paperwork saying Andrea Clevenger pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree sexual assault and engaging a child in sexual explicit conduct.

She received two 10-year prison sentences and two 10-year suspended sentences. It is not known if they will be served concurrently or consecutively.

A no contact order was issued as well as Clevenger registering as a sex offender.

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  • LT

    She might want to get in a couple of seasons of Orange Is the New Black before she goes. Hopefully Crazy Eyes will get her. Disgusting pedophile.

  • objectivefodder

    Double standard, as would be expected in the Matriarchal southern backwoods bigoted state. If it were a man, he’d be sentenced decades, registered a sex offender and intentionally and purposefully alienated from his own offspring as the wife or girlfriend would ostracize him and distant herself with the courts and law enforcements blessings, but because she’s a trendy attractive naive mommy, she gets a slap on the hand and everyone says, “well, that poor girl, she just made a silly mistake”! Fool judicial system and fool society! I have no respect for anyone of you who set idly by and say nothing. Like overpopulated deer, you like thinning the male heard, but don’t hurt the does in the process, they’re good for breeding! Enjoy your future of retribution and misery when you cross the point of no return and a societal uprising occurs when enough men retaliate upon figuring out their slow “by-design” demise. More men are incarcerated and marked in the penal system because of Misandry and false sexual allegations and accusations, but western American women get a pass in some jurisdictions. Feel good about yourselves do you?

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