Rain And Overcrowding Not Enough To Scare Tim McGraw Fans Away

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ROGERS (KFSM) - Thousands packed into the Arkansas Music Pavilion (AMP) Thursday (Aug. 7) for the Tim McGraw Concert.


The AMP has only hosted a handful of shows, and reviews of the venue have been mixed.


"We love it. There isn't a bad seat in the house, and great pricing," said Daniel Harr, a concert attendee.


Harr was one of the lucky to have a reserved seat. Many in the crowd are placed in the lawn seating.


"We are hoping that we can find a place to stand. It gets pretty packed. There might be some overcrowding in the lawn area for sure," Kayla Shortt said.


Many have complained the AMP isn’t made to hold as many people as the recent shows have held.


"All the grass was filled, all the chairs were filled, there was nothing but standing room last time I came," said Kenzee Chambers, who has been to multiple shows at the venue.


Some who went to the Miranda Lambert concert in June said it was too packed, as more than 9,000 attended.


Tim McGraw’s concert was expected to host more than that.


Still, others say they don’t believe seating is an issue, and they were planning on being crammed.


"I haven't heard any bad things," said Mallory Kelley, a first time attendee of an AMP concert.


Some say the safest bet is to pay extra and buy a reserved seat, because the AMP can be packed.


"Tonight it will be [packed], but we have seats," Harr said.


Not only that, but the seats are covered, which some say made them confident today's possibility of rain and a large crowd wouldn’t impact their night.


The AMP is big enough to hold 10,740 people.


The reserved seating capacity at the AMP is about 7,000 people. The Cross Church is set to host a music night this Sunday at the venue, followed by an appearance from Boston on August 15.


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