Barling Officer Resigns After Public Intoxication Arrest

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – A Barling police officer was arrested Friday morning in Fort Smith on suspicion of public intoxication. He resigned the same day, according to the Barling Police Department.

Officer Jared Bingham was off-duty at 3 a.m. when he was arrested on the 3500 block of Brooken Hill Drive. He was later released on bond, according to Barling police.

Bingham had worked for the Barling Police Department for six years. He was a member of the Patrol Division before his resignation, police said.


  • zztopperman

    Sad. Alcohol takes such a toll on people, in so many different ways. Everyone thinks they can handle it, but all too often alcohol handles them. Is alcohol ever worth the risk? Not to me.

  • Jesus H Christ

    This fool needs to be locked up in prison along with the rest of the worthless pigs around here!

  • TurnHerOverdrive

    Bravo! The arresting officer should be commended for doing his job and for not letting this guy go. A lot of cops would have cut him a break.

  • really?


    It serves the self-righteous piece of filth right!
    He’s been harassing people with bogus pull-overs since the day he was hired and has been more of a nuisance than anything.
    Good riddance!

  • Lacy Huff

    Most of the people that trash cops are criminals that got caught…… every ticket I’ve ever gotten was deserved, and I’m thankful there are cops that try their darnedest to protect us. I guarantee you that they are first ones you bashers call if something happenns to you. All cops aren’t bad just like all people aren’t bad either.

    • Get Real

      Lacy you are exactly right. Those whining and complaining about the police are the first ones screeching for protection, or more likely, the very reason the police were called in the first place. These are the “frequent fliers” you can see at the court house every week. Thankfully, when the new jail is finished, so many won’t be wandering around looking for something to steal or someone to rob or burglarize between receiving their welfare or disability checks.

      • really?

        No. They are not all bad, but this guy is not, and never was, one of the good ones.
        I never had a problem with him but I’ve seen him in action and couldn’t count all the cases of his that were tossed in court because he violated people’s personal rights.
        As for calling them when things go wrong…..
        Anyone who whole-heartedly relies on Barking PD to be there and to hand out proper justice, well, the chance of getting a good cop out of Barking left when Tracy Powell passed away, may he rest in peace.
        Barking PD has, and will continue to have, officers that don’t bother to read you your rights, enter homes against owners will and without a warrant, show up at the wrong houses to do busts and shoot family dogs that are restrained, right in front of little children, and the list goes on.
        Why do you think the 12th Judicial Task Force calls in SCSO to back them up on raids, instead of Barking PD when the raids are in Barlings jurisdiction?….. it’s because they are inept and all other agencies know it.
        Like I said, the only good cop Barking had was Tracy Powell and sadly he passed away last year after a bout with cancer.

      • really?

        Oh, and fyi, not a “frequent flyer” or any of your above mentioned. But I will take a shot and say your opinion is biased and you are narrow/like minded, as the officer in question.
        Not everyone with a differing opinion or that speaks their mind, is a criminal. That kind of thinking borders profiling….

      • really?

        Yep. And when that new jail is done, maybe cops that break the law won’t be allowed to bail out so easily and have to spend some time with the people that he has just joined the ranks of. There is no defense for an officer of the law that breaks the very laws he has sworn to respect and protect.
        Moreover, officers of the law are held to a higher standard and therefore, should be under the scrutiny of stiffer and longer sentencing when they break the law.
        No quarter for cops who break the law….. longer sentencing in harder jails.

  • harry gina

    This is my husband. He is a good man. He wasn’t drunk, he was just doing some pain killers geeze

    • storm chaser

      Jarrad is a good guy, he is respectful, I have never ever had any wrong doings, these people making rude comments need to look at them selves. a public intox, is way different than DUI. I bet half of these people making the comments have been drunk in public, or drove intoxicated. I work in law enforcement also. If he is your husband, he needs a lot of support. God Bless you and your family. Jarrad is a wonderful caring person…

    • really?

      Driving under the influence of painkillers is a DUI and just as deadly a situation to drive under as drinking is.
      He, above most, should know that. Not to mention that he had to have failed a field sobriety test in order to gain the charge.

      But let me touch on the part where you just said “he was just “DOING” some painkille rs”
      That tells me that you both live under a double standard of the law…. not to mention that someone who is taking them for a prescribed condition “takes their medication” and someone who takes them for purely recreational use would say “just doing some painkillers”. It seems maybe there should be more to this story since his wife has chimed in….lol

      • Get Real

        Your “profiling” is showing Really. The way an individual describes something means they are one way or the other? Doing instead of taking medication indicates they do drugs, right? Those who live in glass houses, etc. Bad cops should be punished, so should other bad people. Everyone who speaks their mind isn’t a criminal, for sure, but those who denigrate law enforcement usually are, or are on the edge, with speeding, marijuana possession/use, petty larceny, shoplifting, etc, and got caught. They blame law enforcement for their problems, not themselves. Speeding as an example, many people complain about getting caught unfairly, but few complain they didn’t do it.

  • brad pitt

    Hello u guys may know me. Sorry to interfere I was just in town and wanted to say hello and pigs are stupid

  • proud okie

    What ever happen to OHP officer that wrecked state vehicle and boat he was towing? No news on him in a while. Or the Ft . Smith cop that put a gun to a 5 year old head. Thst seems a lot worse to me.

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