City Of Fayetteville Offers $1.1 Million To Expand Gulley Park

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - The City of Fayetteville is considering adding a large portion of land to Gulley Park in the near future.

The land has been selected, and all that is needed is approval from the city council.

“It’s already a pretty good park and anything they can do to make it bigger or better, that would be pretty cool,” said Michael Ward, who exercises in the park roughly three times a week.

Making the park bigger, and better, is exactly what the city says they plan on doing.

“The land to the north is 11 acres, that became open for sale from the Dunn family, “ said Connie Edmonston, Fayetteville’s Director of Parks and Recreation.

In 1988, the city purchased 27 acres for the park. They now plan on purchasing two lots, from the Dunn family, in order to expand it to 38 acres.

“We had it appraised at $970,000. So, that is what the city wanted to offer.” Edmonston said. “[The Dunn Family] wanted it to be $1.1 million.”

So, in order to pay the family for the land, the city says a group of volunteers is working on raising the rest of the money.

“The family, for years, have wanted that to be part of the city park,” Edmonston said.

The city has not yet decided what they plan on putting in the extra land. However, they say the public will be able to give opinions.

“It’s for the community,” Edmonston said. “So, we have them come and help us decide what they would like to have.”

Some tell 5NEWS adding to the park is good for the city.

“It’s one of the nicer ones for sure,” Ward said. “The more park are we have around, the better.”

According to Fayetteville city officials, the pavilion and gazebo at Gulley Park were booked more than 400 times in the last year, making it one of the most popular parks in the City of Fayetteville

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