Drunk Leflore County Teens Steal Fire Trucks, Sheriff Says

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LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM)- Two LeFlore County, Oklahoma, teens are behind bars after authorities said they stole two fire trucks and took them on a joy ride after a night of heavy drinking.

Officials said the incident occurred in Monroe on Thursday (Aug. 7).

“Two juvenile males, 17 years old, got into the Monroe Fire Station. They stole a brush truck to start with. They crashed the brush truck into a tree,” LeFlore County Sheriff Rob Seale said. “They then returned the brush truck back to the fire station and stole the pumper truck from the fire station, where they drove it to Poteau and were stopped and arrested."

But the high cost of damage for such a small town presents even bigger problems.

“The damage, it seriously hinders their ability to respond to fires,” Seale said.

The identities of the teens are not being released.

Seale expects the teens to be behind bars at the juvenile detention center until they turn 18.



  • Angry Mom

    Why should their parents pay?!!!! That’s what’s wrong kids being bailed out by parents!!!! Let the kids pay or serve time until paid!!!!

    • Taxpayer

      The teenagers have no money and the parents are responsible for them, until age 18. The parents need to make financial reparation to the fire dept.. The taxpayers should not have to pay for it. It was recklessness, not an “accident”.

      The court system will have to deal with the criminal side. Hopefully, they turn “a new leaf”.

      The community needs the fire truck for their survival. Luckily, the fire trucks were not needed at the moment, or the fire dept. response could have been hampered.

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