Boil Order Issued for Winslow Water System

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The water system in Winslow, Ark., has issued a boil order due to a water main being struck by lightning today (Aug. 9).

Winslow Mayor Randy Jarnagan said the main suffered two breaks around 6 a.m.

Officials say the boil order was issued as a precaution since there was heavy rain in the area  and other potential contaminates could have entered the system.

The water main which broke supplies water for the Winslow city limits as well as customers north of the city limits.

Mayor Jarnagan says the order will last for at least 72 hours. Then the water will have to be tested by the Arkansas Department of Health before the boil order can be lifted.

Crews working on the break hoped to have it repaired no later than 9 p.m.