Hundreds Of Cars Pack Highway Shoulder For Final Day Of Bargains Galore On 64

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Janet Matthews has been a vendor for Bargains Galore on 64 since the first 160 mile long event got underway in 1999.

“I’ve done it every year. The first year I made 9,000 dollars,” Matthews said.

She says she made $7,000 the next year, but her profit has dwindled down into the hundreds as competition has increased over the years. She sets up shop just outside of Van Buren.

“So many to see and people run out of money, you know by the time they get to here from Alma, probably they’re broke,” she said.

5NEWS caught up with Roy Batts looking for a deal at a neighboring tent.

“This has been our first stop. We got some Okra and a cantaloupe,” he said.

From vintage Coke machines, to quilts, clothing and other miscellaneous items, people of all ages can find something of value.

“I found an old phone, but I didn’t get it, and then what else did I find, like a clipboard that holds your paper and all that,” 10-year-old Tristen Harris said.

Bargains Galore begins in Fort Smith goes past Conway to Beebe, Arkansas. The River Valley of Arkansas hosts the event the second week of August annually. It began Thursday (Aug. 7) and wraps up Saturday night (Aug. 9).

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  • ugotthatrite

    IF I WERE KING OF THE FOREEEESSSTT!! (cowardly lion? wizard of oz?) man, if this country was run right, we’d make less laws and enforce the ones on the books already…like traffic laws. by just using radar, video tape and the u.s postal service, law enforcement could rack up points/ fines on every bad driver with a valid operators license. most drivers would think that anyone coming to a stop, or slow crawl, as the main offender? err, not so. they’re merely obstructing the flow of traffic. it’s anyone driving 55mph, in either lane, who’s guilty of excessive speed and reckless driving! (but the speed limit is 55?) err…wrong, that’s the max speed for normal conditions. for 64 galore? conditions dictate 35mph, MAX. and that’s 10mph too fast. (anyone who doesn’t know this? or disagrees? should have their license revoked for principle alone)
    that’s my expert opinion….and if i were king of the forest? it would have been implemented by police, the 1st day, in the 1st year, not because of some tragic death and as a result, lawmaker’s felt compelled to legislate.
    jus say’n,

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