Police: Department ‘Failed To Follow Established Protocol’ After Kidnapping Call

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – The Fort Smith Police Department completed an internal investigation into its response to a kidnapping case and has released the results, authorities say.

On June 24, police received a call about a kidnapping from the Staples parking lot located in the 5700 block of Rogers Avenue. A Fort Smith sex offender was arrested in connection with the case after authorities said he kidnapped a 54-year-old Van Buren woman at gunpoint, drove her out of the county and sexually assaulted her.

The internal investigation resulted in the department finding a “failure to follow established protocol” in responding to the kidnapping call. As a result, Fort Smith Police Chief Kevin Lindsey “initiated appropriate discipline,” authorities said.

Lindsey also “mandated additional training” in communications, according to authorities.


  • Anonymous

    Let me get this right. A store manager calls the FSPD and says there is a woman being kidnapped. The FSPD does nothing and the lady is sexually assaulted and hurt. The FSPD investigates themselves and says “We did something wrong and it will not happen again because we said so”. No one lost their job because they didn’t do what they were paid to do. The police chief says we will retrain those involved in communications.

    Pardon me but someones daughter/mother was sexually assaulted because some jerks did not do their job. They deserve to lose their jobs! Actually they might deserve to be prosecuted. There are good people out there in the law enforcement community, but these folks are not part of them.

  • Lisa

    This is an unfortunate circumstance, hard to understand how something like this could happen……..it seems pretty self explanatory. If someone needs retrained to send responders on this kind of detailed call, they deserve to be fired & look for employment elsewhere. This woman could have been killed, let alone all the emotional distress this unnecessary situation has had on her & her family.

  • Alton Byers

    One more of the many reasons you cannot trust law enforcement.in this area. It is sad but true. The days of being able to walk up to an officer and ask for help are long gone.

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