AFP Confidential Memo Details Local Spat In Conservative PAC

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A rift in the Arkansas branch of Americans for Prosperity is laid out in detail in an article published online at the Mother Jones magazine website on Tuesday (Aug. 12).

A 19-page confidential memo by Jason Cline, former Arkansas director for the conservative political action committee, details his response to complaints of his management style, including assertions that he is sexist and won’t listen to criticism. The article in left-leaning Mother Jones, including Cline’s memo, can be found by clicking the link below.

As first reported by 5NEWS, Cline resigned from his state leadership role with AFP on May 5 in what he called a mutual split.

(Cline is pictured here with 5NEWS Managing Editor Larry Henry during interview segment that aired on a 5NEWS weekend newscast in the spring.)





  • Sarah 300

    How we care for our very young as well as our very aged is the very basis of a civilized society.
    Republicans do not want health care, food stamps, housing assistance for our very poor. Yet when bombing other countries at a many millions of dollars a day, it is acceptable.
    I have a problem with AFP and their David Koch organization.
    We only have our VOTE people. If you enjoy your new Health Care, VOTE Democrat. 191,200 Arkansas citizens now have health care, wonderfully heartwarming.

  • Gail

    Great comments, Sarah 300. You covered the things I was going to say. There is just too much special interest money in politics today.

      • Bob Gnarly

        Welcome back, Sarah!

        Nobody is a better “fort holder downer” than you, but I do make the occasional feeble attempt :)

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