Alma Voters Renew Sales Tax

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ALMA (KFSM) – Voters in Alma approve the renewal of a one percent local sales tax.

City officials said seven issues were on the ballot. The one percent sales tax will help fund all seven.

On Tuesday’s ballot, voters approved all seven projects.

288 voted for Street Improvement Bonds, while 154 voted against.

296 voted for Fire Department Improvement Bonds, while 151 voted against.

291 voted for Police Department Improvement Bonds, while 156 voted against.

278 voted for Park and Recreational Facilities Bonds, while 165 voted against.

270 voted for Downtown Streetscape Improvement Bonds, while 177 voted against.

256 voted for Parking Improvement Bonds, while 192 voted against.

280 voted for Refinancing Bonds, while 161 voted against.

Officials said this tax will replace the existing sales tax, which was approved in 2009, and will last through 2024.