New Poll Shows Arkansans Favor Minimum Wage Hike

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - The Public Policy Polling group recently released a series of polls that surveyed Arkansans’ stance on issues facing The Natural State.

A recently proposed initiative would increase the current minimum wage of $6.25 in Arkansas to $8.50 by 2017.

"For a lot of people, 6.25 an hour doesn't cut it," Nick Futch said.

According to the poll, many believe the state should increase the minimum wage, with 63% for, and 29% against.

"I think $6.25 is pretty hard for anyone to make ends meet on. I think it is important to support the middle class and bring people into that, and give them an opportunity," Tom Andersen said.

Businesses who make less than $500,000 a year can legally pay their employees $6.25 an hour, which is less than the federal minimum wage of $7.25.

"If your employees are underpaid, they're not going to be incentivized, they're not going to get as much done as employees who are paid a higher minimum wage,” Futch said.

Some say they can understand why many would not want to change the state`s current minimum wage.

"A minimum wage is a good thing for people to adhere to," Andersen said.

Some even suggest that small businesses would take the biggest hit if the minimum wage was increased.

"I think that people are concerned for small businesses, it'll be hard for them to afford that," Andersen said.

Some say they can understand why some business owners are opposed to the raise.

"Inflation, or a number of reasons. They could say it's a lack of incentive for people to work," Futch said.

A majority says they still believe the poll is accurate, that the state heavily believes the minimum wage needs to increase to at least the federal limit.

"Even 7.25 isn't enough to live off of," Dustin Osborne said. "Especially if you have a family, there's no possible way you can live off of that."

According to Public Policy Polling, democrats heavily favor a minimum wage hike with 90% in favor, and 4% opposed.

Republicans are fairly split on the issue, with 42% in favor, and 48% against.



  • Henry

    They’re right no one can live off of minimum wage. No one should think they can, if you do then you’ve got problems an increase won’t fix. I see minimum wage as a lowest denominator not a peg for fruitful living. If you work for minimum wage aspire for more. Better yourself better your life!

  • Velda

    People don’t live off minimum wage, those employers enjoy a tax payer subsided work force. Look at the typical Wal Mart worker, female, 28 years old, three kids, she lives in a government subsided apartment, her kids are on ArKidsFirst “medicaid”, she get free income tax returns of $12,000 a year, with out all these tax payer subsides, Wal Mart would be forced to pay her a real minimum wage, the workers would be forced to leave, or unionize.

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      Why is it you libs want to “force” everyone else to bend to your desires? Your 28 year old momma should have thought about the consequences of her actions before she started pumping out her brood. Go find her baby daddy and make his worthless a## pay to support his mistakes.
      Did you ever stop to consider that minimum wage is nothing but a ploy by the libs to buy votes? And guess what happens when they do force the point up….NOTHING changes. Your 28 year old momma is nothing but a 29 year old momma now.

  • Arnold Fudpucker

    “If your employees are underpaid, they’re not going to be incentivized, they’re not going to get as much done as employees who are paid a higher minimum wage,” Futch said.
    This is a moronic and self serving statement. All you do here is try to convince people how miserable they are rather than trying to help them succeed. I’ll bet you like telling mothers that their baby is ugly don’t you Futch!

  • James

    What happened to a minimum wage job being the job for new entrants into the job market? Even when I was just entering the workforce it was obvious that a minimum wage job was not a liveable income, it was the start of aspiring to a better job after I had gained the experience and had proven myself. People don’t seem to want to better themselves today, pay their dues, work into a better job with better pay. They seem to want it right now. This is a lot of what’s wrong with our country today, too many handouts, too many expect a free lunch and if they don’t get it they want the government to step in and legislate one. The ones that don’t want to work don’t work and want it all for free. As an owner of a small business, when I have an employee that wants to work, gives me a 110%, proves that they are an asset to my company, I don’t want to lose that individual. They’ll get the money and more, after they have proven themselves and not before. I’m making an investment into my company by hiring this person. I won’t know how that investment is going to work out until they have proven themselves. Additionally, most employers know how many people they must hire to find the few that want to work and move up in the company. So by increasing the minimum wage I’m no longer able to give more people a chance, I have to be more selective and then you really never know until they have started working if you’ve actually made the right decision. Of course any poll in Arkansas (and for that matter anywhere else in the country) will result in most wanting the wage increase as these people are the ones that want to flip a burger and expect $20.00 and hour for an entry level job. It’s just not real, not feasible. Our government has already ran off countless jobs through legislation, this will have the same result. You can say Walmart or any other large employer is not paying their employees enough which is poppy cock. They are being given an opportunity to work their way up into a job that will allow them to obtain the financial rewards. It’s up to that individual if they want to work toward that or not. They have to have the desire to work toward a better life in the future. It’s not “I Want It NOW, So Give It To Me, NOW!”
    For those that have had situations where they lost it all when their job was eliminated or the company closed or moved, I feel your pain. In 2008 I lost it all myself. My business took a nose dive and I lost nearly everything I owned and was flat broke. I was forced to take jobs that were not to my liking with pay much less than I was accustomed to because I had to eat. I knew from experience that the discomfort I felt about my existence and finances were only temporary. I learned a long time ago that the harder I worked the luckier I would become. It took nearly 4 years to work my way back and recover, but I did. If I can do it with only a GED, no college, and pushing 50 anyone can that has the desire and determination. No matter how you look at it, minimum wage is still just minimum wage. Aspire to be more than just minimum wage. It starts with the individual, not legislation.

  • Elaphas

    There should be a poll taken to see what percentage of these same Arkansans understand basic economics. I’m quite sure the majority don’t have a clue. It is no wonder democrats favor hiking the minimum wage – they are, of course, the party with a larger percentage of moochers.


    If the worker is unhappy with minimum wage then the answer is simple — better yourself through education and training, or quit.

  • Ann

    It only leads to an increase in costs on everything else. It’s a vicious circle accomplishing nothing.
    If raising minimum wage brings people out of poverty then why do we still have poverty. I’m pretty sure it’s been raised in the past.

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