Bomb Scare Shuts Down Lavaca Street

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The Fort Smith Bomb Squad disabled what appeared to be old dynamite found by a Lavaca man, according Lavaca Police Chief Phil Beshoner.

Beshoner said the Fort Smith Bomb Squad was called to the Lavaca Police Department after a man found a suspicious item among things he bought at an estate sale. The man brought the item to the police department Wednesday evening (August 13).

Beshoner said a portion of S. Davis Street was shut down while the Lavaca Police Department, Lavaca Fire Department and Fort Smith Bomb Squad conducted their investigation. The perimeter around the item was blocked off, including a portion of the street, from about 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The bomb squad then used their robot to disable the item. “It’s called a percussion actuated non-electric and it kind of like a 12 gage but we use columns of water and a high velocity blanks and we also use an X-ray. We have our own digital processor. This one took a little bit more to make us feel comfortable with what we were doing,” said Chris Taylor with the Fort Smith Fire Department.

Beshoner said the item is not a bomb and the area is now clear.

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