Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act Certified For 2016, Officials Say

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) – The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act (AMCA) has been certified by Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel for the 2016 ballot, according to a news release on Thursday (Aug. 14).

The wording of the ballot title has been approved, clearing the way for Arkansans for Compassionate Care (ACC) to start collecting signatures, the release states.

The new initiative will add more initial qualifying conditions for patients, provides cannabis testing labs and more, according to the release.

“We have more than 600 volunteers across the state who are preparing to gather signatures starting in just a few weeks,” said Melissa Fults, Campaign Director for the AMCA.

ACC is set to start collecting signatures in September, the release states.

ACC originally decided not to submit the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act to the Arkansas Secretary of State by its original due date of July 7 when it was aiming to get on the Nov. ballot due to not having enough signatures.

The organization collected nearly 80 percent of required signatures, but time constraints prevented them from reaching their full goal by their 2014 due date. As a result, they pulled back and decided to aim for a 2016 ballot initiative.


  • DopeUpArkansas

    Well, that’s all we need! They’ll be dope heads coming out in droves with every medical problem known to man trying to get a prescription.

    • Dave K

      Cannabis is an incredible, natural, herbal medicine that really works. What does not work is locking up our fellow citizens for the use of this medicine. To do so is both uncivilized and barbaric. Those who would keep medicine from kids that can benefit are truly evil and dispicable people who are not worth our trust or support. Cannabis has a long history of use in every part of the world as an incredibly effective natural herbal medicine. Betweern 1850 and 1900 about half the prescriptions written by doctors here in the US contained cannabis. The initial cannabis prohibition laws were passed, in 1937, over the objection of the American Medical Association by greedy individuals seeking economic benefit. They did so by locking up highly disproportionate numbers of our minority citizens. These racists continue to lock up almost four times the number of blacks for marijuana posession nationally than whites. These greedy prohibitionists are people who benefit economically from locking up medical marijuana patients and people of color. These actions are reprehensible and morally defective. Florida had the third most total arrests for marijuana possession in 2010 (57,951) and the country’s 11th highest arrest rate for marijuana possession (308 per 100,000) in 2010. Miami-Dade County had the ninth most arrests for possession of any county in the country, and Broward and Orange Counties had the 16th and 23rd most arrests, respectively. “Marijuana prohibition is taking a toll on the entire country, but Florida is among the states paying the biggest price,” said Mason Tvert, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project. “Law enforcement resources would be better spent addressing serious crimes instead of arresting adults for using a substance objectively less harmful than alcohol.”

      • Arnold Fudpucker

        As has been said, medicinal is one thing it’s the other problems that people worry about. Your argument shows how the usage will get twisted by schemers like yourself. You try to justify by warped logic. It’s bad enough that you do not understand the meaning of ILLEGAL but now you try to make a racist thing out of the whole story. That is just plain pathetic and worn out as a tactic. By your logic we shouldn’t bother to control speeders through the school zone. Maybe if you lay off the weed for awhile you can see the hypocrisy of your argument.

    • R. Keeton

      Well if they have a real medical issue, What is it to U. Only people with an issue that is on the list will get it. so what is your problem. If your worried about it make sure the doctors don’t abuse the right to prescribe it. I’m a MMj Patient. I had to move to Washington state to be able to get relief from my health issues. So if and when yall get out of the dark ages I will be able to come home . My Doctor only has 2 patients that qualify. He wont let anyone have it that doesn’t Qualify. Their has been many people left his office with red faces. Calm down. Take a breath. It isnt what you are thinking. Now if doctors abuse the right then you will have problems. But your crime rate will drop. People have been using Cannabis there for along time. why are you bitchin now. its not like it something new. Just my opinion. Have A Great Green Day.

      • Nemo-cody White

        your right! this is a matter of right and wrong. it’s wrong to ruin a kids entire future over a little weed which by the way is safer, less harmful, and less addicting that alcohol in every facet. it’s wrong to lock good upstanding members of society away who just want to enjoy a joint at the end of the day instead of a beer. it’s wrong and cruel. anyone who wants this to stay illegal for moral reasons does not understand the suffering created by prohibition. the lives destroyed not by the drug but by the police!

  • Chelsea

    I would much rather someone be a dopehead than an alcoholic— much more negative side-effects from alcoholism than smoking marijuana. Plus, how many deaths have you heard from resulting from marijuana use? No need to fight it because people who want to smoke will find a way and it is safer to be regulated and the state can benefit from taxing it. DOPEUPARKANSAS you should do a bit more research on the positive effects of medical marijuana– you might surprise yourself. ;)
    Here’s one to start you out with–

    • DopeUpArkansas

      There are also positive effects of methadone. And a lot of people abusing it. I personally knew one person who died from it while abusing it in IV form. So stick your research lady!

      • Ignorance all over these comments

        You are a sad person how many deaths have been reported by way of cannabis?? None so you can take that and shove it.Open your mind and stop being a stick in the mud Methadone is nothing like cannabis so you are comparing apples and oranges. Get your facts straight then make comments cause you are just making yourself look completely ignorant. Methadone Cannabis. I do believe they are very different spectrums…. apples and oranges… or didn’t you learn that an apple isn’t an orange?? If you don’t like that Arkansas will have legal medical cannabis move out of state it’s people like you who hinder the growth of a healthier happier USA.

  • Arnold Fudpucker

    Medicinal is one thing but everyone knows that once the law is passed then the crooks start abusing the system. Pass the law but stiffen the penalties for abuse and then ENFORCE them.

  • Elaphas

    Yeah, we need more potheads so the jackals in Washington can continue burning the country down while everyone is stoned. Pass the Cheetos!

  • Ignorance all over these comments

    Cannabis should be legal. It is a much better choice than alcohol and maybe if the methadone abusers were pot heads we wouldn’t have so many crack heads in the world. I’ve never heard of a death by cannabis. Have you?? Potheads are relaxed want to chill. They don’t go out and kill people with their cars or go start a fight cause they are intoxicated and feel like it and they definitely don’t overdose and kill themselves on it. Have any of you done your research on cannabis? It is nit just to get high. We can make resources out of it as well. Hemp for example can be made to make clothes and gas. It is illegal because it can greatly change the oil and gas industry money flow. Cannabis is more than some drug you smoke. If your to ignorant to actually look up the effects and what all benefits cannabis has to offer than you are to ignorant to know what is healthier for your world. In the Bible it states “take these seeds” cannabis is a seed that grows. It is not mad made like prescription drugs. I would personally like to have something God created enter my body than some drug some scientists cooked up in a lab. Learn the facts. I will help collect signatures and considering how close the vote was last time (49% to 51%) I think it will be legal in the year 2016. It will be legal sooner or later. The government can’t tax it and the oil and gas companies know it is not good for their companies. Yes idiots will abuse it but they do that with everything else out there at least with cannabis we might be able to prolong someone’s life. Give someone with arthritis the comfort to move without pain or hell even help a patient with cancer be able to cope. Cannabis should have the same rules alcohol has. If your smart you’ll remember that at one point bootlegging alcohol was illegal too. Now look at it if your over 21 have at it get drunk. Yes there was more to bootlegging than that however, it was illegal then it’s not anymore. Grow up and see the possibility of a future with legal cannabis.

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