Auction Set For Property Formerly Owned By Wiederkehr Wine

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WIEDERKEHR VILLAGE (KFSM) – A large piece of property that was once owned by an established Arkansas winery is up for sale, according to Micoley & Co., the Wisconsin real estate company handling the auction.

Wiederkehr Wine Cellars Inc. previously owned the property that was sold to Allied Bank and will be up for auction on Sept. 27, according to Franklin County Property Records.

Being auctioned is a 447.24 acre piece of land near Interstate 40 and AR 186 in Wiederkehr Village, the auction site states.

The listing price for the property is $3.5 million with an opening bid of $1,145,000 if no offer is received before Sept. 27, the auction site states.

The listing is live, and potential buyers are free to bid on the property at any time, according to the auction site.

Wiederkehr Wine Cellars Inc. still owns 10.7 acres of land, according to records.

Allied Bank bought the property in April, 2010, according to records.

Wiederkehr Wine Cellars Inc. originally bought the property that is up for auction in the early 1990s, records state.

“We are not being foreclosed upon and no formal foreclosures have ever been filed upon us and we are not taking bankruptcy. We are not doing this and to me I don’t know where the rumors got started,” Wiederkeh CEO Al Wiederkehr said.

The winery’s founder, Johann Wiederkehr came to Arkansas from Switzerland in 1880, and he started making wines shortly after using grapes, blackberries and persimmons native to the area, according to the winery’s website.

[Editor’s note: 5NEWS previously reported that the land up for sale was foreclosed on, but according to Franklin County Assessor Cathy Bennett, the property was not foreclosed on, and it was sold the bank under a corporation warranty deed.]


  • Ed

    Not very well written. Who owned the property at the time of foreclosure. That seems like a relevant piece of info that should be in the article.

  • Adam Robertson

    From what I have seen and heard from some of the Wiederkehr family on social media, I think there might be a little bit more to this story. I just hope that the reporting team has been very diligent gathering their information before they put these kind of claims out about such a historic piece of Arkansas entrepreneurship. These folks are good people, and if there is any doubt to the validity of this story, I am sure they would prefer you to hold off on publishing until they can tell their side. I know this, the Wiederkehr’s have an amazing restaurant, wonderful wine, and a community spirit that has helped support the local small town economy for years.

  • 918ter

    from that I’ve read corporate warranty deeds are there to do exactly that …..get around paying taxes ..if so is it a good practice for this bank to be involved in helping them do that ?

  • justen h

    Another case of false information and all media jumping on the wagon instead of actually checking it out for themselves. Disappointing for this station to follow suit cause bad comments from others and kill business
    by others who thought it was closed

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