Teacher Accused Of Rape Placed On Paid Leave

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SILOAM SPRINGS (KFSM) - A teacher from Siloam Springs is out of jail on bond, after police say she raped a 13-year-old boy, and exchanged sexual images with him.

32-year-old Mary Faith McCormick appeared before a Benton County judge Thursday (Aug. 14) for her first hearing.

By the end of the day, the teacher was released on $50,000 bond.

"It's very inappropriate," Aimee Oh said.

Many in the community were shocked to hear that a teacher has been accused of having sexual contact and conversations with a minor.

"When they take advantage of that trust, or of a child, then they don't really have a place being around children," Susie Baxter said.

According to McCormick’s Facebook page alongside being an educator, she is a wife, a mother, and a daughter to another Siloam Springs educator.

According to the police report, at one point, McCormick took the 13-year-old boy to the site where she and husband, a Tyson Foods employee, are building a new home.

Police say she flirted with the boy there.

"I believe they should put on some type of suspension, or leave of absence; until the full investigation was completed,” Oh said.

That is exactly what the school district has done, placing McCormick on paid administrative leave.

In a statement, Superintendent Ken Ramsey said:

“The safety of our children is paramount to us, and all of us are shocked to hear about the allegations.”



  • Brian

    School superintendent says the safety of “our children” are important to us? Who’s children? The school’s children? The state’s children? Wow. So it’s official, the state and school system own the children of Siloam Springs now. This government “owning our children” mentality has gotten way out of hand! Parents need to take back responsibility for the children that God has given them and quit willingly giving their parental authority and responsibilities over to the government. If they did, this kind of stuff wouldn’t be happening as much. That’s why me and my wife will be home schooling our children. Who owns our children? Not the state. Not the school system. God does, and he gave them to me and my wife to be stewards over for a time. He gave me and my wife the responsibilty to educate them. Our responsibility to protect them. Not the school system. Not the government.

    • judy

      Brian: the great thing about our system is that we have freedom to choose things that you talk about. that’s why it’s so important to keep church & state separate. the flip side on that? look to the middle east….but please, making your statements about education & government like yours is simplistic and condescending on your part. teach your children well….and respect others for who they are as well….. and spare me the morality legislation about education.

  • Triamrider

    The comment our children simply means that the school shares responsibility with parents in their safety and education. It has always been that way and I hope it always will.

  • Jean Deaux

    Yes, it is inappropriate. However. the only way he will believe he was “raped” or abused is if someone brainwashes him. I wanted several of my teachers between 13 and graduation. Unless he is in the special ed class or has been completely isolated from real life he wanted her.

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