Ferguson Police Officer Identified in Deadly Shooting

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FERGUSON, Mo. (KFSM) – The Ferguson Police officer who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown on Saturday (August 9) has been identified as Darren Wilson.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson confirmed the name during a press conference held Friday morning (August 15).

Wilson is a 6-year veteran of the Ferguson Police Department, according to Jackson.

Brown’s death sparked days of protests which sometimes turned violent. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered The Missouri Highway Patrol to take over security in the city on Thursday (August 14).

Jackson said more information about the altercation between Wilson and Brown will be released later today.



      • Arnold Fudpucker

        Facts aren’t all in just yet. Better hang on until then. We all know that even if the shooting turns out to be justified the rioting idiots will still act like heathens apparently that is their “culture!”. Looting those stores was inexcusable and had nothing to do with this terrible shooting event. All they managed do do, and as sharpton did, is to show how classless they are.
        Small wonder that the police arm themselves like they do. You would too if you could and were threatened by a crowd of mental midgets.

      • Bob Gnarly

        @ Mr. Fudpucker:

        “Facts aren’t all in just yet. Better hang on until then.”
        If the facts were in favor of the officer we’d already know them. Most likely they are looking for every way they can to paint this thing in their favor and get a story that they can all stick to.

        “We all know that even if the shooting turns out to be justified….”
        Figure the odds on that happening.

        “the rioting idiots will still act like heathens apparently that is their “culture!”. ”
        There is far more evidence to suggest that overly aggressive and even murderous tendencies seem to be embedded in the culture of some persons in authority in this country. Further, and more widespread, seems to be the culture which will search for, and cling to any excuse that is presented to justify these acts.

        “Looting those stores was inexcusable and had nothing to do with this terrible shooting event.”
        Good point. The destruction of property and acts of violence accomplish nothing. Perhaps “this terrible shooting event” might not have taken place if all involved had believed that to be true.

        “All they managed do do, and as sharpton did, is to show how classless they are.”
        These people have a right to peacefully protest and should be respected for doing so. Had the majority of people been destructive there would have been far more damage than there was.

        “Small wonder that the police arm themselves like they do.”
        Police in this country have always armed themselves, which makes sense considering we have a right, although limited, to be armed.

        “You would too if you could and were threatened by a crowd of mental midgets.”
        The people who see this incident as unjustified and choose to react in a peaceful manner are far from “mental midgets”. Many of them are models of integrity choosing to potentially place themselves in harm’s way for a cause they believe in.

  • Mark Citron

    Was that so hard? Next: FIRE him and CHARGE HIM WITH MURDER. There is more than enough PROBABLE CAUSE – which is ALL you need – from the preliminary investigation to charge him with murder.

  • Sarah 300

    Peace for all. When the Missouri Highway Patrol took over with less body armour, tear gas, all went peacefully. Militarizing local police with Iraqi type battlements, spraying tear gas, with no name tags only incites fear and rebellion. This is still the United States of America and we are all in this together. Let’s all get along and respect our differences and admire the greatness of our country.

    • Elaphas

      Yes, this is still the United States of America, but for how long? There is nothing great in a country led by a Marxist Chicago thug who is hell-bent on destroying it. This same charlatan denies involvement in every single scandal he has perpetrated, takes no responsibility for his administration’s action, spends more time fundraising than governing, and can’t leave the golf course for anything other than a face-saving press conference to tell everyone he really cares and was shocked to find out. And the buffoons who elected him are the same sheep who obey the lying liberal media with their anti-America agenda. Greatness will only be restored when the White House is turned over to a proud American patriot who follows the law and believes in the Constitution.

      • Sarah 300

        Elephas & Arnold Fudpucker and your various other aliases that make it appear others agree with you:
        Our President has not broken any laws, he is not a Chicago thug, he is not Marxist. He has taken less vacation time than any other President if you take the time to do research rather than reading blog sites, and your ridiculing statement of the people who voted him in is appalling. We are guaranteed the right to vote for whomever we please. This is America. Maybe you need to return to school and be educated in all things ‘CIVIC’ and ‘GOVERNMENT’. I think your statement that someone such as myself is ‘anti-American’ alerts me, you are either drinking too much or not getting enough sleep. See a doctor and try to heal thyself please?
        Your rants make no sense and your name-calling lessens any real point you are attempting to make. Please get help?

      • George Dubya Bush

        Another good point Elfphalus. If we dont git control of this lying libral media and shut em up right now we can kiss our freedoms of speech goodby. And you can quote me on that.

  • Mel

    With the New Information on this ” So Far ” it doesn’t seem to be a Cold Blooded Murder as being stated in all the news media’s. Looks as if there was a Strong Arm Robbery that occurred and Michael Brown was name as a Suspect in it, and We were Not there and We do not know how this all went from the Police Contact with Mr. Brown. So we don’t jump to a Conclusion and make Judgment on either of them involved. And now we hear that the Police Officer had injuries to him that required treatment at the hospital, so we must take in account the actions of both, and a lot will be looked at: The Size of the two, the records of Both the Officer and Michael Brown ” If Any “, was the officer in Fear that in may be seriously injured or killed ? What if, since they never release any information on Who the Police Officer was until this morning was a Black Officer ? See no one needs to assume anything Until ALL the facts are out and then let the Courts make the determination of who was in the wrong.. And the other thing is Why tear-up Your Own Town ? What does Stealing and Tearing up property and setting stores on fire have to do with a Teenager being killed ?
    We need to Not entice violent behavior that only brings about more destruction and bad behavior, we must encourage Calm and Peace and Love one another, whether it is Black, White, Brown, Red or Yellow, we have to and must Live together !

  • Elaphas

    Another example of a left-wing, media-incited frenzy before all the facts come out. Those of you on here ready to draw and quarter the police officer should be ashamed of yourselves. Why must you believe everything the so-called journalists in the “main-stream” media tell you? Why do you automatically give credence to talking heads who have a hidden agenda?

    • atc8824

      I agree the media is out of control and they are the people causing all the race riots with their unreliable reporting and additions to make the story sell.

      • Sarah 300

        The media is NOT out of control. Prove your statement. The reporters and Missouri State Senator (she was tear gassed) ALL told the same story.

    • George Dubya Bush

      Elfphalus, I like the way you talk, err, uh, type, since I’ve never herd ya talk, at leste not to my nowledge. Anyhow your exactly rite about the media. We need more journilists with integerity like the ones that helped me out undercover CIA agent Valery Plaime at a time when it was politically expeadeint for my cause in the war on terrrrists. Its a shame and purely unpatriotic how the media later turned on me with their endless reports of meaningless stuff like that there bi-partison congressional committee finding that there was no ties between Saddam Husein and terrrism and Osamb Ben Lauden.
      I was the decider, dammit and when i decided this country was under trheat of nuculer attack from that man who tried to kill my daddy I decided to take swuft action an it was the rite thang to do too cause lookit the freedom Iraq enjoys today. Thats my legacy an I’m proud of it.

      Keep up the good fight, Elfphalus!

      • George Dubya Bush

        Heckyeah, Sarah. I’m tuns of fun at a party. I do an heckova impersonation of a Texas Air National Guardsman and of course my dad (“1000 points of light” whatever tha hell that ment) and its way safer than bird huntin with Dick.

        Anyhow, why dont you take a break from writin all this libral nonsense on the computer, take a few deep breaths, and go in the kitchen and cook somethin. That always seems to clear Laras thinkin.

  • Sarah 300

    So the facts emerge. The officer who shot the young man was only telling him to get out of the middle of the street. There was NO connection of a cigar stealing black man and a strong arm robbery. The officer who ended Mr. Brown’s life is sickened by the course of events.

  • Get Real

    Amazing how these liberal bigots twist the facts, conveniently leaving out anything that doesn’t fit their narrow-minded anti-police mentality. Like the Travon Martin episode, the press and their idiot following “shoot from the lip”, are fast and loose with facts, and automatically accuse everyone except the true culprit for his own demise. The convenience store video released clearly shows Brown was a thief and a bully, at best. It is awesome ignorance to imply the officer shot the young man because he was in the middle of the street. How about the thug assaulted the officer, tried to take his firearm, and resisted arrest with violence? How about a little truth Sarah, the reason the cretins accepted the MHP is because that particular officer is black, unlike the majority of the FPD. The usual gang of self-righteous hypocrites and their whining and screeching about law enforcement is alive and well, but just as predictable and irrelevant as ever.

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