Hundreds Of University Of Arkansas Students Move In Friday

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The first official move-in day at the U of A kicked off Friday morning at 7 a.m.

The school year begins on August 25, but some students wanted to get a head start by settling into their new dorms. Parent Tommy Gray said he was helping his stepson moved into the dorms.

"We are doing pretty good, the stepson is really excited, and Mom not so much, but you know it's all part of life," Gray said.

Gray said his stepson is ready to move on from his small hometown of Pocahontas, AR, and is hoping to major in business.

"It's the most exciting day he's had maybe ever, so you can't take that away from him," Gray said.

Little Rock parent Nancy St. Pierre said she was excited to bring her second child to the U of A. She said her son who is a junior will be joined by her freshman daughter Annie.

"It's so great to be finally up on the hill again," St. Pierre said.

Annie said she is looking to major in English or Creative Writing, and said she always knew she would end up at the University of Arkansas.

"I'm sad to leave home, but I'm excited to see my future here," Annie St. Pierre said.

During the move-in days, university officials ask parents not to bring trailers. They said the trailers won't fit in the dorm parking lots and will cause congestion. Officials said the campus police will be helping direct traffic for the next several days.

Officials also said the assisted move-in day will be Wednesday only. There will be hundreds of volunteers helping students get their belongings from their cars to the dorms. For more information on move-in days, click here.