Protesters Gather On Square To Rally Against Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

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The Fayetteville square was busy Saturday evening with people gathering to protest ordinance 119. The ordinance is being voted on Tuesday by the city council to create a civil rights administrator for the city.

The rally was sparked by a heated city council meeting on August 5. The council heard from concerned citizens about the ordinance, and some people felt their basic rights were being violated.

City council member Sarah Marsh said ordinance 119 is meant to create a feeling of inclusion in the city of Fayetteville.

"This guarantees that all people will have access to housing, employee and public accommodation," Marsh said, "Public accommodation would be eating at a restaurant or renting a hotel room."

Marsh said the ordinance would be created to help protect members of the LBGT group, as well as veterans and racial minorities.

"I would encourage anyone to go and actually read the text of the ordinance...we have adopted specific exclusions for religious associations and institutions," Marsh said.

Some members of the church and conservative groups said they feel like the ordinance will infringe on the church's rights, including state Sen. Bart Hester (R-Cave Springs).

"I think they've included a whole bunch of things that are already covered in law, just to protect the few little issues that we all know this is about...this is about telling a church that they have to host a gay marriage that they don't support," Hester said.

He said the ordinance is the reason locals who share Hester's opinion were gathered on the square Saturday night.

"It's just a rally of the grassroots efforts of people to come together and say hey, we don't want our civil rights violated...we want liberty," Hester said.

The next city council meeting is Tuesday (Aug. 19) at 5:30 p.m. Marsh said she expects there to be a vote on ordinance 119.


  • Ted

    Really wish 5News would stop giving Bart Hester so much air time. Dude is a self-serving publicity hound whose senate district doesn’t even include Fayetteville. Your own report says there were 100 people rallying against the city ordinance…maybe you could find someone that actually lives in Fayetteville and would be affected by the ordinance and not some guy from Cave Springs.

  • Get Real

    Fayetteville seems to be in competition with Eureka Springs to see which can become the foulest cesspool in the state. The LGBT and its supporters don’t want fair treatment, they want special treatment. If citizens allow the deviant segment to run the town, because of voter apathy or ignorance, they will deserve what they get. Use the vote to remove the foul-mouthed and arrogant liberals who want to control every aspect of your life. Flush the toilet Fayetteville.

    • Gail

      Civil rights are not “special rights”. And the LGBT community are not deviants. They are human beings that are born homosexual. They are Americans. They are our fellow citizens. Get over you backward hatred.

      • schlafcat

        Says the person who goes out of his way to intrude into other people’s cities to tell them what they should do, under the pretest that his favorite bipolar sky monster’s zombie love-child had something to say on a subject that by his own admission doesn’t affect him.

        Meddling Teabaggers.

  • Sarah 300

    I find it appalling you guys choose to bully me and use my moniker as well as type commentary I neither approve or agree with.  I have spoken with Curt Lanning previously and will speak with him again. What is pathetic, you don’t have your own words, so you put words in my mouth. Shame on you for bullying and behaving in such an obtuse manner.

    Is this what basement couch potatoes do for fun besides watch those late night movies?

  • Jen

    All the hubbub of writing a new ordinance just to make sure homosexuals can buy a wedding cake. They just had to toss in a mention of veterans to give a little legitimacy to the charade

    • aaron Burns

      I will never rent any of my properties to those veteran scum. I don’t care what this or any other ordanice/law says. Those veterans are nastiest things to ever turn on the word of the bible.

  • Richard S. Drake

    When folks like “GET REAL, ” “FEDUP” or “ELAPHAS” have the integrity to use their real names, maybe their opinions – such as they are – might deserve more respect.

    • Sarah 300

      They are all the same person Mr. Drake. I have keystroke technology. There are multiple aliases. He spins his web but has no factual information and to PRETEND he has many people who agree with him, he makes up different aliases. 5NEWS allows different aliases under the same email address.
      I have no beef with 5NEWS because most people have more than one email address.

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