Deadly Collision in Pocola

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(Pocola, Okla.) – The Pocola Police Department responded to a car accident on Highway 112 this morning.

Police report the call came in around 2:50 a.m. 

Pocola Police Chief Steve Howard said a Dodge Caravan drifted into oncoming traffic causing a near head on collision with a Chevolet Blazer.

The accident involved two people.

 The driver of the Blazer, Scotty Wayne Ivey,32, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Pocola police. He was from Wilburton, Okla.

The driver of the Caravan did not sustain any injuries.

Chief Howard said they have not been able to positively identify the man.  He is described as a Hispanic male in his mid-twenties.

Police also said they believe alcohol played apart in the incident.

So far no charges have been filed.


  • Kim

    Completely senseless! Don’t even have a name for this person that took a husband, father, and son from a wonderful family!

  • Lynn

    Still can’t believe this. They Let Him Go???!!!!!???? Why didn’t they keep him in custody until he was identified?? He murders someone and just walks away?

  • Dave

    It was completely tragic, there’s no denying that. But unfortunately the driver of the blazer was the one who had been drinking, not sure if the other driver was also or not. It happened at a car show in Ft. Smith, I was there. Still a tragedy that could’ve been avoided. Prayers to the family of Scott Ivey…R.I.P.

      • Dave

        The car show was in Ft. Smith. Not sure where his hotel was, but he left his hotel to go for a drive and cool off after “getting into it” with some one and thats when it happened. They informed everyone at the show Sunday afternoon.

  • just wondering

    Not sure where it said they let him go. Could be holding him until they know who he is. And what charges to file.

  • Roy Esparza

    This country is so screwed up I’m so embarrass !!! This country has gone to shit I’m sorry !!! First of all I want to say Im so sorry to hear about this my prayers go out to his wife and children and family !!! Unbelievable I’m am sick to my stomach literally i can’t believe this has happen and to hear they let this illegal just walked out of this like that !!!!!! Scotty he was my co man on Patterson 211 for penn virginia I work for Derrick equipment out of Houston tx and Scotty was a awesome co man / friend to work for always treated everyone the same he loved his job and did it to the fullest he always talked about his family to me and always in a good mood man bub your gonna be missed my brother UNTILL we meet again !!!! RIP SCOTTY

    • Lynn

      Doesn’t dull the pain any, but good news. They do have the person in custody. He was drinking. Is an illegal immigrant. And they still have not identified him. Long road ahead. If only that would bring him back…..

  • Skyler

    My prayers go to Scotts’ family. The Hispanic was not released that night. He’s in jail. I don’t know if he’s illegal or not but I don’t matter. We are treated equal. They pay their taxes so it don’t matter. So he didn’t just walk out.

  • austin evans

    WOW this still makes me sad i got to talk to scotty that night at the show he was a really cool dude its sad that was his first show that he took the k5 to complete i cant belive that he is gone you will be missed scotty keep on draggin up in hevan for us man if any one is up in the NW arkansas area this saterday we are having a cruise for him and his family if you want to know just ask me on facebook (Austin Evans)

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