Back-To-School Fashion Show – Elementary Age

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Students have a lot to think about when heading back to school, including their outfits. So, in an effort to find out what`s trendy this year, we held a fashion show in the Northwest Arkansas Mall, right outside the 5NEWS studio.

Brian Sellers, manager of the Buckle, gave us some fashion tips to make sure students look their best.

“One big thing for girls is glitter, a lot of bling, shiny shoes, and then different floral prints,” Sellers said.

“The girls are also going to want back-to-school jeggings and skinnies. The best part is you can wear it with anything.”

Something else that can be worn with anything is leopard print, which Sellers says is always popular.

That covers the girls, but what about the boys?

“Guys are going to do the straight leg jean, and they're going to do like they're older brother with the plaid button up with the graphic tee under that,” Sellers said.

The kids who really want to express themselves will be making a statement with their backpacks.

“You can be loud and fun with your backpack. That's what a lot of kids are going to do this year,” Sellers said.

According to Sellers, pastels and different shades of navy will be the popular colors this fall. When it comes to layering, Sellers said to make sure you mix and match your colors and separate your prints from your solids.

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