Executive Director Of The Decatur Housing Authority Arrested

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DECATUR (KFSM) – The executive director of the Decatur Housing Authority was arrested on suspicion of theft of property, authorities say.

Deborah Weston, 59, of Gentry was taken into custody after an arrest warrant was issued for her, according to authorities.

The warrant was issued on Aug. 14, and Weston was arrested on Aug. 15, the warrant states.

Weston’s bond was set at $400, and she was booked into the Benton County Detention Center on suspicion of theft of property (misdemeanor), according to the jail’s intake log.


  • pacinoguy

    I’ve known Mrs. Weston for several years, and she is a hard-working, conscientious person. This is really contrary to all I’ve known about her.

  • Tangowhiskey

    I bet this is all a fabricated story from one of the dead beat people she deals with on a daily basis.

    • JC

      Hate to tell you this but it really happened. Before you call the people “dead beat” that she deals with everyday, you should get to know them. I rent from her and I am not a dead beat. Check out facts before you start mouthing.

  • blue_eyes2795@yahoo.com

    When you live in government housing you have to follow their rules. If your told more then once to not let your dog run loose or it was going to the pound you should listen! She did her job and was following the policy and procedures of the housing authority.

    • red

      The dog did not live in the housing the little girls dog got out and got on the property and she would not give back is how I took it on the news and I know people that live there she does not follow the rules.

      • pacinoguy

        Really, Red? Have you read the bylaws or housing rental agreement? What knowledge have you of the scope of Mrs. Weston’s duties, that you can justifiably proclaim “she does not follow the rules”?

        Your comment “I know people that live there she does not follow the rules” is hardly decipherable, but I think you’re suggesting that your opinion of the matter largely rests on 1) what you’ve heard residents say, and; 2) the mediia reports. Have you considered that perhaps the media did not interview everyone involved, and therefore could not possibly present a balanced account of the matter?

  • blue_eyes2795

    I know her personally. The dog did belong to a resident. The resident was warned more then once to keep the dog on a leash. That’s not a hard rule to follow. The dog was taken to the police department. She did what she was told to do.

  • red

    well that is good then so why all this over someone that did what she is suppose to do.
    Seems like a lot for some one following the rules

  • blue_eyes2795

    The resident that filed charges against her was evicted. He’s been trying to get her fired in any way he can. He follows her, sits in her driveway, drives by her house and takes pictures….harassing her! She’s got everything documented and on camera.

  • red

    sounds like a lot of drama to me. And you must really like her to know all her life. Almost sounds like you are her.

  • blue_eyes2795

    haha! Everyone who reads this story and doesn’t actually know what’s going on will assume the worst about her and that’s not fair. It’s called sticking up for a friend.

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