Group Submits Additional Signatures For Minimum Wage Raise Initiative

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) – Give Arkansas a Raise has submitted additional signatures to Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin to get their initiative to raise the Arkansas minimum wage on the Nov. ballot, according to a news release.

The signatures were submitted on Monday (Aug. 18), the release states.

The group aims to raise the Arkansas minimum wage from $6.25 to $8.50 by 2017, according to the release.

Give Arkansas a Raise originally submitted their signatures on July 7. They submitted more than 77,000 signatures, but after they were verified, they were short by 15,107 signatures, the release states. They were given an additional 30 days to gather.

Today they submitted an additional 69,070 signatures. The group needs a grand total of 62,507 verified signatures to appear on the Nov. 4 ballot, according to the release.

Martin’s office now has 30 days to verify the newly-submitted signatures, the release states.


  • Arnold Fudpucker

    Raising the minimum wage never helps the lower paid people it just increases the cost across the board to everyone else and those people end up just the same. This is most likely a union backed ploy to try and keep themselves relevant.

  • James Skinner

    I’m for raising the minimum wage. Everything is going up from taxes, to food, clothing, shelter, utilities, and everything we depend on. Some people say that raising the minimum wage will increase the cost of everything else, but isn’t everything else increasing anyways? It always will despite where the minimum wage is at. Yes, people should try to better their education and do what it takes to move up and get more money, but there are people out there that don’t have the ability to go back to school, or find anything out of the minimum wage limit. I’m not for paying fast food $15/hr like some people are, but a decent raise for those who are trying to make a living with everything going up I think is relevant. If you’re not for raising the minimum wage then why have the minimum wage? At some point it will be almost pointless. This is just the beginning of the point I want to make.

  • Tom

    Raising the minimum wage when all wages have been stagnant for decades will only worsen the situation. Costs for everything will go up and those working in these entry-level positions will have made no gains; and in fact may even end up losing more. But liberals and democrats always play on people’s emotions while common sense takes a backseat. The end result is almost always failure. Take for example, the “war on poverty” which was implemented back in the 60s by the democrat LBJ, who famously said it would “keep nig**rs voting democrat for 200 years.” He’s been right so far as Blacks are no better off then they were back then. Instead of raising the minimum wage to appease and pander to people’s emotions, how about lowering taxes so businesses can hire more and companies don’t bail on the U.S. taking high-paying jobs overseas with them? Also, secure the borders and deport all illegals. Poor people, especially Blacks, don’t need more competition for jobs.

  • Sarah 300

    Raising the minimum wage would be a great asset as the American taxpayer would also be a huge beneficiary. Each year, over $250 billion in social welfare spending goes to working-poor households via government programs such as Food Stamps, EITC checks, and Medicaid. As millions of those workers became much less poor, they would automatically lose their eligibility for anti-poverty assistance, saving taxpayers many tens of billions of dollars each year. Wages paid by an employer go straight to the recipient, except for the portion withheld in government taxes. This would add one and a half billion to spendable income.
    If Wal-Mart employees received at least twelve dollars an hour across the USA, prices would only go up 1.1 per cent. Most Wal-Mart employees receive 8.75 an hour. How many of you could exist on such low pay? Well they don’t. The employees are receiving all sorts of benefits paid by you, the taxpayer.

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