Inmate Found Dead In Washington County Jail

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) – A Washington County jail inmate committed suicide overnight after being held on suspicion of drug charges, the Sheriff’s Office announced Monday.

Washington County Detention Center employees on Monday morning found Jeremy Tyler Laconsello, 20, of Fort Smith, hanging from the top bunk of his cell with a towel wrapped around his neck, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Laconsello was later pronounced dead by the county coroner after responding emergency crews checked his vitals, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Two inmates who shared the cell with Laconsello said they were asleep and did not notice anything throughout the night. The Sheriff’s Office is conducting an internal investigation to ensure all policies and procedures were followed in the incident.

Deputies check detainees at the jail every hour throughout the night, but did not notice anything out of the ordinary. During a jail check at 2 a.m., a detention officer noticed Laconsello moved from a laying position to a sitting position, but it appeared he was just resting or sleeping against the wall, the deputy said.

Laconsello was being held in jail on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia, according to the Sheriff’s Office.


  • Sarah 300

    This is atrocious. Sympathy to his family.
    Who is not doing their job watching the incarcerated? Don’t they have cameras?

    • DL

      Yes there are cameras. Does someone stare at them non-stop watching every video feed from every cell, hightly unlikely. Think logically Sarah. He wanted to die, he would have done it one way or the other.

      • Tyler Derdan

        Yeah… First of all DL, there are no cameras in every cell monitoring inmates behavior 24/7 unless he was placed in ISO, he wasnt because he had two other cellmates and hanged himself using the top bunk which do not exist in ISO. Second, Mental Illness is quite common for people incarcerated and is ranked number five in the US for the reason people commit suicide. Even sadder is that those incarcerated in W.C.D.C. have no access to treatment for mental illness. As you have probably never experienced being incarcerated, or have been affected by a loved one committing suicide, I dont except you to understand. And even if you have been, judging by your intellect or lack thereof, I still doubt you would understand. I can only hope that if you ever are, and your sitting there at night, alone, listening to the screams and wondering if the guy next to you is beat you to a pulp for your socks, that you think back to when you wrote this and your hopelessly ignorant attitude about those incarcerated with mental illness.

    • objectivefodder

      A troubled soul and you love the demise of his existence. You froth at the mouth feeding on his failed miserable life. Feel good about yourselves? He was a son or brother of some family. The pacifist dumb down Americans, (predominantly white WASPS), have gotten their fill with contentment and pride. The ongoing continuation of crimes and indictments pertaining to the fallacious drug offenses, when will it stop? Drugs are partaken to ease the pain of reality. It’s a medical problem, not a criminal problem. Our own Government has been in the game of drug running and distribution, yet our naïve countrymen have been caught up in the entrapment process of judicial martyrdom. Such hypocrisy! Many of you commenting here in this forum are misusing and abusing prescription meds. Shouldn’t you go turn yourselves in? Or would it be best for me to snitch you out and turn you people in? Stop the hating on drug offenses and throwing away the key to those less fortunate than you. We slaves make mistakes with alcohol and drug misuse. This kid had a troubled life and yes, sadly, murder was involved. Drugs drive the third world. Guess who’s buying those drugs? Could it be we ‘Muricans? You who partake in buying drugs and keeping them illegal are part of the problem. You indirectly contributed to this guys failed life. Life is fragile. The drug cartel is life and death daily. You’re disconnected from reality. The Latinos from Mexico aren’t. C’mon, let’s get those help and let them go through counseling and therapy. Afterwards, let’s get them back productive in society working and making a living contributing to this great nation. You religious bigots stop hating on us sinners also. We’re tired of your incessant holier than thou attitude. Which one of you wants to throw the first stone? I live in Mexico and I know how the lower echelon of society lives to thrive and survive on the drug cartel with marketing the supply to our nation as the demand continues to grow. Legalize drugs yesterday. Colorado and Washington State citizens are smarter than Arkansas and Oklahoma citizens. Stop the crime! Stop the deaths and innocent murdering! Strip the supply and demand and regulate already. Debunk me, I dare ya.

  • John

    What is with allowing the Sheriff’s Office to conduct investigations like this? Haven’t we seen that several Fayetteville police and detention officers are not to be trusted with their convictions for sexual assault and other crimes? We need independent, third party companies to handle investigations like this.

  • Leten Uno

    MUSKOGEE, OK May 31, 2011
    Aaron Michael Laconsello plead guilty to 1st degree murder, assault and battery, with deadly weapon and 1st degree burglary for the stabbing death of a 4-year-old with scissors
    Muskogee District Attorney says Dakota Lane was stabbed 36 times.

    ODOC# 649590
    2010-1075 MUSK Assault And Battery With Deadly Weapon 85% 05/31/2011 LIFE Life 12/16/2011
    2010-1075 MUSK Burglary In The First Degree 85% 05/31/2011 20Y Incarceration 12/16/2011 11/08/2030
    2010-1075 MUSK Murder In The First Degree 85% 05/31/2011 LIFEWOP Life w/o Parole 12/16/2011

    ODOC# 653804
    11-529 CHER Burglary Second (Ds) 02/01/2012 193D Minimum 03/02/2012 09/10/2012
    11-471 CHER Burglary – First Degree 5 Y CSD Deferred 09/14/2012 09/14/2017

    Jeremy Tyler Laconsello, 20, pronounced dead

  • lm

    Don’t forget that when the little 4 year old’s pregnant mother ran into to help him, he began stabbing her too. Nice family.

  • lm

    Check out his brother’s Facebook page (Daryn Laconsello) . Guess those undercover cops weren’t so stupid after all, huh?

  • Richard S. Drake

    Wait a minute! You can call someone a piece of shit, but you can’t use the word that ryhmes with “day” when you write about homosexuality? This is just goofy beyond words.

  • Nicole

    First of All Jeremy Laconsello did have a mental illness, and we notified the jail that he needed to be on Suicide watch. We were working on getting him admitted to Parkside Psychiatric hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma. They did not have him on suicide watch after we repeatedly told them his issues. As for Aaron Laconsello. He did not commit the crime of murder. The real murderer admitted to his family that he did it and how it happened. We notified detectives and everyone swept it under the rug…hear/say is all they kept screaming at us. And to the people who want to call my family scum…you haven’t lived a day in our shoes…you don’t understand the tragedies we have had to endure…addiction isn’t something anyone chooses…begins with one bad choice and spirals into a world you at most times don’t even realize your in, if you have no motivation or nothing bright to look forward to then most addicts have no fight to get help. But it’s easy to assume what you want by what you see on outside. As for me, I love ALL three of my brothers very very dearly . Most of you wouldn’t have been able to handle our sufferings even for one day.

  • Tina Lane

    Your brother aaron was covered in my grandbabies blood
    From stabbing him 36 times
    Yes your family came up with a lie about somebody else being the one who done this
    That was a lie!!!!!
    Aaron admitted to what he done
    More then once!!!
    Regaurdless what you say!!!
    And this family since then has watched the laconsellos get locked up for burglury many times drugs you name it
    So do me a favor and shut your lieing lips may your brother live his life in living hell because thats the way it will be because he is a low life scumbag
    Who stabbed a 4 yearl old baby 36 times with a pair of sissors while he slept he has been tryed and comitted for his crime i just hope he finds a way to hang his self or a prisoner hates him enough to kill him
    I would love to hear his death wasnt peaceful or painless because my grandsons wasnt

  • Tina Lane

    And you Nicole aint human enough to walk a day in our shoes
    You just proved that by lieing
    Its a little late for that remember your family tried that and it got him know where
    When you are found on the street by the police running down the road covered in blood and tell the police what you did and then sit in a police station and hand write it out on paper what you did its hard to let the family try to put the blame on some other person in the family
    What a joke!!
    What a worthless bunch of family you are.
    You better get down on your knees and beg god that you change your life and ask him to forgive you of all these horrible lies you tell

  • Tina Lane

    Your family made

  • jimmy

    Everyone has a side to the story but only god knows what is true or why things happen. I dont think he done it, but thats my out look. Cops are croocked as hell. And every county should have a suicied watch and should take it serious when they hear a inmate tell them his self he his along with hearing it from his fam. These boys had it hard growin up but they are my cusins an i love them. Rip lo lol

  • Tina Lane

    Its funny to me that only people who has had a run in with the police always say the same thing
    And a cop didnt admit to killing a baby aaron laconsello did
    A cop didnt plead guilty for first degree murder
    Aaron laconsello did
    He is a cold blooded cold hearted souless evil infested piece of shit that what he is

  • lanes you f**k

    My first comment is that the killers ppl is the exact same ppl. Give up uo over rated soda pop fucks. You all gonna be in the same place you fu**’s

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