It’s Back to School Time in NWA

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM)- It's 6-year-old Jake Carr's first day of kindergarten at Janie Darr Elementary School in Rogers. He said he was "happy" to be in school.

His mom Cindy said, "He was ready to come just because his sister has been here for two years. So it was a little easier probably than most kindergartners."

Cindy had mixed emotions about leaving her son behind in Mrs. Wilkins class.

"It's bitter-sweet, Cindy said. "I mean we are glad he's going to kindergarten but he's the last one."

The move from elementary to middle school could be a bit scary, according to Principal Jeff Wasem, from Old High Middle School in Bentonville.

"We want them leaving feeling excited," he said. "I want them to feel like they made a new friend."

Cindel Sierra Vingham is a fifth grader at Old High Middle School.

"I'm kind of nervous because it's my first day of middle school so it's nerve wracking," she said. "Other than that, I'm actually really excited."

Sophia Wafa, sixth grader, is transferring from a different middle school. She said she's nervous as well and understands why fifth graders get the first-day jitters.

"They haven't been to the middle school and it's kind of different from their school," Wafa said. "Fourth to fifth grade is kind of harder."

Aterra Lowe is a fifth grade literacy teacher. She said the first day is all about making the kids feel welcome.

"The first day, it's just to be visible, help those who seem lost, help those that are just crying, nervous," Lowe said. "The parents are usually more nervous than the kids so just knowing that we're going to be here all week for you to show you where to go."

As for Jake at Janie Darr Elementary, his mom said he'll start a new chapter in his life.

"Let know  that you are confident in them and they have more confidence in themselves," Cindy said.